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Beyoncé Called an Entitled Bully By Scorned Feyonce

By TheBlast Staff

Beyoncé is being called a bully by a small business owner in a legal dispute with the singer who is refusing to back down and hand Beyoncé a victory just "because she is famous."

Feyonce Inc. just responded to the trademark lawsuit Beyoncé filed last year alleging they were selling merchandise using a play on her name.

Feyonce says they are merely a t-shirt company which targets engaged couples. They say their website had no mention or images of Beyoncé, and didn't pretend to associate with her in any way.

Feyonce stresses, Beyoncé "is not entitled to handouts simply because she is famous," adding "she wants to bully us and take what is rightfully ours."

As for the Feyonce name, the company explains it's just the phonetic way of pronouncing "fiancé."

In perhaps a passive aggressive shot at the Beyhive, Feyonce says "Beyonce products consist of expensive products with sophisticated consumers," and "this factor weighs against a likelihood of confusion because the customers are highly sophisticated and would exercise heightened care before purchasing the goods of defendants."

Oh, now you've done it.

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