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'Parks and Rec' Star Ben Schwartz Reveals Secret to Fixing 'Ducking' iPhone Issue

By TheBlast Staff

If you've had it with your iPhone censoring expletives into cute quacking ducks, then you're in for a real treat courtesy of actor Ben Schwartz.

Schwartz recently took to Instagram to marvel over his fix for tricking the iPhone into cursing like a sailor, and the move is to basically just add the expletive as a new contact.

When you have had it with spell check turning your curse word into ducking," the former "Parks and Recreation" star announced, adding, "Behold my new contact that my phone now recognizes when I text.‬"

It didn't take long for other stars to get on the ducking train, with James Marsden and Busy Philipps praising Schwartz for the revelation.

The trick is something iPhone aficionados have used for quite some time, but don't tell that to Jean-Ralphio, as Entertainment 720 is probably working on incorporating the innovation into its next business model.

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