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Beethoven's Hair Sells For $44,000 Dollars During Bizarre Auction

By TheBlast Staff

Ludwig Van Beethoven is arguably the most famous classical composer of all time, but not even he would believe that a lock of his hair just sold for $44,000 dollars.

The bundle of brown and grey hair, contained in an oval frame, was cut off by the "Moonlight Sonata" composer and given to pianist Anton Halm in 1826, and was just sold as part of Sotheby’s Important Manuscripts, Continental Books and Music sale.

The anecdote behind the collectible was documented by Beethoven’s biographer, A.W. Thayer, who included it in his monumental biography of the composer.

Halm, who wanted to give Beethoven’s hair as a gift to his wife, first asked his mutual friend and violinist Karl Holz to retrieve the lock of hair.

“The lock of hair arrived a few days later, supposedly Beethoven’s, but in fact cut from a goat," Sotheby's exlained.

He continued, "When he had finished his arrangement of the fugue, Halm brought it and the hair to Beethoven. The composer was furious that his friend had been deceived, and promptly snipped off some hair and gave it to him, declaring it to be genuine.

The bidding opened today quickly sold for $44,000. It's unclear who purchased the creepy collectible, but it's definitely a conversation piece.

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