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BBQ Becky Insane 911 Call: 'My Race Doesn't Matter!'

By TheBlast Staff

The infamous 911 call made by the woman known as "BBQ Becky" has been obtained by The Blast and can be heard for the first time — during which she refused to tell dispatchers her own race when asked multiple times.

According to newly-released 911 calls obtained by The Blast, Jennifer Schulte — the woman who came to be known as "BBQ Becky" — initially called authorities to report the "illegal" grilling so that "coals don't burn more children" and so she doesn't have to pay more taxes.

The dispatcher during the first call specifically asked Schulte what race the people were and she answered, "African-America."

Schulte then called 911 again several hours later because the police had not shown up. During the second call, she is clearly distressed and the 911 dispatcher seems to be completely frustrated with her.

A woman can be heard in the background arguing with Schulte throughout the second call. The dispatcher is confused about why they are arguing and says at one point, "Panic, over a BBQ? I don't understand ... Why are you in an argument with these people?"

The woman in the background can then be heard yelling at Schulte, "You're the one harassing people!"

The dispatcher grows increasingly confused as to why Schulte is involved in this situation at all, later saying to her, "Are you living in the park or something?"

As the call continues, Schulte tells the dispatcher the people are following her and wants the police to come to the park ASAP, but refuses to give the dispatcher her name.

When the dispatcher asks Schulte for her description — and specifically asks her for her race so the police can find her — Schulte yelled back, "My race doesn't matter!"

The dispatcher, clearly frustrated, responds back, "It does matter. How are we going to find you? Just any lady?"

The dispatcher tries a second time to ask for Schulte's race, but she again refuses. Growing frustrated, the dispatcher then asked Schulte if she'd ever been in a mental institution.

Eventually, Schulte gives in and gives her full description, including her race.

The dispatcher later asked Schulte if the people following her were armed, to which Schulte responded, "I don't know."

For the next minute or so, the woman falling Schulte around can be heard yelling at her, asking her to return something she claims she stole.

The incident eventually ended without incident.

The entire ordeal went viral after one of the women involved posted a video of the incident on YouTube. It's been viewed over 3,000,000 times.

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