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Audrina Patridge Files for Divorce: He Shoved Me While I Held Our Baby, Threatened Suicide

By TheBlast Staff

Audrina Patridge just filed for divorce from Corey Bohan after less than a year of marriage days after accusing him of becoming so aggressive and jealous, she says he shoved her while she was holding the couple's baby daughter.

The former "Hills" star says on August 16, Corey became extremely aggressive and was following her around while cussing and yelling. She says she was carrying Kirra Max, their 15-month-old baby when he "pushed me back with her in my arms." She says he then started "punching and hitting himself on the head." He then "punched a hole in our bedroom door."

She says the fighting, which began when Patridge allegedly accused him of cheating, became so violent, she covered her daughter's "eyes and ears" to shield her from Bohan, but "she started crying and screaming."

Patridge says Bohan then let her pass, and he ran downstairs ahead of her, grabbed a big metal canister and threatened to "bash his head in."

Patridge says she immediately took her daughter to her parent's house and then texted Bohan a "number for a suicide prevention hotline."

In the documents, Patridge says Bohan has become increasingly "aggressive and obsessive" when she is away working. She claims that he complains about not giving him any of her time.

In the week of July 17, Patridge says she was promoting her swimwear line in Miami when Bohan was texting her he was "jealous I was out with other people, accused me of partying and cheating on him, and threatened to kill himself."

She also claims she is worried Bohan will abduct their baby, saying he "might obtain a passport to her and take her to Australia without my consent." Bohan is from Australia and his entire family currently lives there.

Patridge says her fears were heightened after he allegedly "ransacked" the house, going through her night stand, bathroom, drawers, cupboards, backpacks, purse, and closet. She says he also had a suitcase containing their marriage certificate and their daughter's birth certificate.

On September 6, Patridge claims she was arguing with Bohan again when he accused her of injuring him, claiming "look, I have a scratch -- I'm documenting that too." Patridge says she was subsequently contacted by Child Services on September 15.

Patridge says there are so many texts from Bohan, she is compiling them to use against him in court.

Her restraining order against Bohan was granted, but he gets to stay in the couple's Orange County home.

Patridge was given full custody of the daughter, with Bohan getting some visitation. They must hand off the child at the Irvine Police Department.

The court ordered that either parent must have written permission from the court before leaving Orange County with the baby.

Patridge filed for divorce on Wednesday, they were married last November in Hawaii.

Audrina also just amended her Instagram profile, dropping the Bohan from her name.



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