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Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Breakup: Piggy Smallz Suffers the Most

By TheBlast Staff

The split between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson may have some unintentional collateral damage -- Piggy Smallz.

The "No Tears Left to Cry" singer adopted the mini pig during their relationship, and the three amigos seemed inseparable, up until the news of the breakup.

Ariana Grand and Pete Davidsons Piggy Smalls

An official for the American Mini Pig Association tells The Blast, "Break ups can be devastating for a pig," adding that "Pigs are incredibly sensitive animals," and will most definitely realize a change in the relationship has occurred.

We're told Piggy Smallz will not just notice the breakup, but she can actually sense "emotional upsets in the home," that could cause a change in behavior. The official from AMPA told us pigs "Hate change, so any upset in the home can send them into depression or bad behaviors," and that, "If they lose their favorite person it can take months to recover."

Kind of interesting, Ariana posted a photo over the weekend of Piggy Smalls, "Just after she shit on my pillow," which could have already been a sign the little piggy was feeling the negative vibe between the two stars.

As for a custody arrangement between Pete and Ariana, the official we spoke with thinks it would be in the best interest of the pig to remain at Ariana's home, seeing as that has been her familiar territory. We're told too much change at one time could cause big modifications in the pigs attitude, and that "Some pigs will become so upset they show aggressive behaviors," while, "Some will crawl under the covers and not come out for days."

However, there is hope for Piggy Smalls to recover from her emotional damage. We're told piglets have a tendency to be more resilient and "bounce back," from stressful situations.

A trough full of ice cream couldn't hurt, either.


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