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Celebrity Acting Coach Anthony Meindl Sued by Student Over Rehearsal Injury

By TheBlast Staff

A woman who claims she was taking an acting class at the studio of big-name acting coach Anthony Meindl claims she suffered a significant neck injury while rehearsing a scene with a fellow student.

Meindl owns Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop in Los Angeles (there are studios in other cities as well) and his website lists Shailene Woodley, Ruby Rose, Laverne Cox, Jenna Dewan and Camilla Cabello, among others as his clients.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a woman named Jennifer McClain claims she was taking a class on February 14, 2017, with one of the instructors (not Meindl).

She claims the scene called for her to "scream uncontrollably as if she was about to get killed." Her scene partner was directed to push her onto a couch.

McClain says when she was pushed, "the back of her head landed against an armrest." She says her partner was then directed, as part of the scene, to put her hand over McClain's mouth to prevent her from screaming.

According to McClain, the pressure from her partner's hand, combined with her neck being pressed against the armrest, cause her to feel as if her neck "snapped." She claims she lost her vision for a moment and lost feeling on the left side of her body.

As a result of the incident, McClain claims she suffered a dissection to her vertebral artery.

She is suing for negligence and seeking unspecified damages.

The Blast reached out to Meindl for comment — so far, no word back.

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