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Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen Can't Hide Laughter During NYE 'Ck' Drop

By TheBlast Staff

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen may have had the best New Year's Eve celebration broadcast, which featured tequila shots, Cher and one of the CNN hosts really mispronouncing the word "conch."

Cooper and Cohen stood in the rain for hours in Times Square Monday night as they waited for the famous ball drop to ring in the New Year, and it was a hot mess of awesomeness.

Aside from being blessed with video of Cooper taking a shot of tequila and making a sound like a dying rabbit, the guys also experienced New Year's celebrations around the world.

Whacky correspondent Randy Kaye was seen sneaking aboard a luxury yacht in St. Barts, and chugging champagne from a snorkel after possibly stealing a dog.

Then there was Bill Weir at a famous annual Drag Queen party in Key West, FL. Weir went on to describe all the different types of ways they ring in the New Year in Key West, including an annual conch shell drop. Only, Bill did not say "Conch."

Cohen and Cooper's eyes bulged out of their head before fighting off laughter, and it was hilarious. Happy New Year!

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