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Amy Schumer Detained by Police at Kavanaugh Protest

Amy Schumer was detained by police while protesting the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday.

The comedian, along with model/actress Emily Ratajkowski, joined thousands of protestors on Capitol Hill outside the Hart Senate Office Building to voice their opposition to the Supreme Court nominee.

A reporter for The Daily Caller tweeted a video from the protest showing a police officer ask Schumer if she wanted to be arrested – she curtly replied, “Yes.”

In another video, Schumer was talking directly to someone’s camera and said, “Hi Zola, I’m here with your mom. She loves you very much, I think we’re about to get arrested.”

Ratajkowski detailed her experience on Instagram, writing, “Today I was arrested protesting the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, a man who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault. Men who hurt women can no longer be placed in positions of power. Kavanaugh’s confirmation as a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States is a message to women in this country that they do not matter. I demand a government that acknowledges, respects and supports women as much as it does men.”

Amy Schumer and many others were detained and lined up on a wall as police officers began to escort protestors away from the building, according to MSNBC.

The Cancel Kavanaugh protest took place amid a heavily-criticized FBI probe into the sexual assault allegations levied against the potential Justice.

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