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Amazon Threatened Over Release of New Book About 'Rehab Mogul' Christopher Bathum

By TheBlast Staff

Amazon is about to release a book that recounts one of the biggest scandals in the rehab industry, and one man who helped expose the crime is claiming he never gave his permission for a book release about his life story.

The Blast obtained a cease and desist letter sent to Amazon last week by a man named Cliff Brodsky, a musician who also touts himself as an "Addiction Advocate."

Brodsky was heavily involved in the takedown of "Rehab Mogul" Christopher Bathum, who was convicted in 2018 of sexually assaulting seven women while operating a chain of luxury rehab clinics known as, "Community Recovery Los Angeles."

Brodsky had invested $650,000 in the rehab company, only to find out Bathum had stolen the money and used it to fund other start-ups that he further used to bilk people out of money.

According to the cease and desist, Brodsky spoke with author Evan Wright about his dealings with Bathum, but apparently did not give his permission or sign a release for his information to be published.

The letter demands that Wright and Amazon, "immediately cease and desist from publishing or otherwise making any use of the information in 'Bad Therapist.'"

Wright apparently used the story from Brodsky in his upcoming book, "Bad Therapist," which chronicles Bathum's rehab empire that consisted of 20 facilities around Southern California and Colorado for patients battling alcoholism and drug addiction. The rehab facilities were luxurious and included private chefs, pools, yoga and fancy excursions.

"Bad Therapist" by Wright is part 1 of a 6-part book series called "Exposure," which chronicles famous "double life" stories involving influential people. It has a scheduled release date of Thursday, May 30.

Bathum is facing 65 years after being convicted on the 31 counts, but is currently appealing the ruling.

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