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'Infowars' Host Alex Jones Accuses Ex-Wife of Being a Bad Mother, Demands She Be Stripped of Custody

By TheBlast Staff

"Infowars" host Alex Jones is accusing his ex-wife of being a bad parent whose actions are "detrimental" to their kids and wants her stripped of custody due to her engaging in a public campaign against him.

On April 6, Alex filed a petition to modify the custody agreement he has with his ex-wife, Kelly Jones, for their three children.

Alex and Kelly were officially divorced in 2015 and he was awarded primary custody of their kids. She took him to court last year to try to change the custody. During the court battle, her attorney accused him of being a “cult leader” who was turning the kids against their mom through "parental alienation syndrome."

She argued Alex was unstable on-and-off camera and took issue with him allowing their kids to watch him film "Infowars" in his home. Alex tried to argue the kids were thriving under his care and said the custody should not change.

At the end of the trial, Alex was stripped of primary custody and the judge changed the custody to joint, but Kelly was able to determine where they lived.

In his new petition to change the custody, Alex says two of their kids are over 12-years-old and would prefer to live with him. He says the change would be in the best interest of the children.

He accuses Kelly of having "engaged both publicly and privately" in a "substantial and systematic campaign of Parental Alienation."

Alex accuses Kelly of mistreating the children and says her actions are having a detrimental effect on the children and also have all but destroyed the ability of the parents to co-parent in any way. He claims her behavior has further shown that she "lacks the ability to prioritize the best interest of their kids."

He says her custody needs to be modified to protect the emotional and physical need of the kids.

Alex is seeking a temporary order that would give him possession of the kids, order Kelly to undergo counseling for anger management, and for a child-custody evaluation.

He is also demanding Kelly be hit with a gag order restraining her from publicizing or referring to the kids on social media or on a public forum. He also wants her to pay his attorney fees.

The "Infowars" host is seeking for the court to allow him access to his ex-wife’s health-care information. He asked the court to allow two of his kids to talk to the judge in private chambers so they can say where they want to live.

Kelly responded to Alex’s attempt to take custody away from her by claiming “gross violations” of her human civil rights have been committed. She points out the custody order awarding her joint custody was entered less than six months ago. She claims the Texas court has scheduled a hearing on Alex’s petition but says it completely against the law.

She says the original divorce agreement was entered into under "an extreme amount of duress," including "aggravated perjury, false reporting, witness tampering, gaslighting and character assassination."

Kelly says Alex’s recent attempt to take her to court "comes on the heels of over four years of merciless, corrupt and voluminous litigation against her, a mother of three children, who just wants to get her life back."

The case is ongoing and under seal.

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