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Alex Jones' Ex-Wife Says Twitter Is Violating Its Own Rules By Refusing to Ban Him

By TheBlast Staff

InfoWars host Alex Jones' ex-wife believes Twitter is failing to uphold it's own rules by not removing Alex from their platform despite his alleged constant violations of their Terms of Use.

The Blast spoke with Kelly Jones, who has been locked in an ongoing defamation and custody battle with the controversial right-wing conspiracy theorist after she was granted primary custody of the ex-couple's three children last year.

She tells us that she applauds tech giants like Facebook, YouTube and Apple banning Jones from their platforms that has been labeled "hate speech," but expressed serious concern and confusion over Twitter's defense of Jones' comments.

Kelly says Jones has built his juggernaut of a media empire by spewing hate and fear through different social platforms, and says "Platforms need, and have to self-regulate to comply with law," adding "Alex has had videos taken down for child endangerment. He is no victim."

She believes Twitter needs to really look at the complaints and vet whether or not Alex has actually violated their rules and then "Hold him to the same standards as the rest of the community."

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced this week, due to a torrent of criticism, that the decision was made to keep Jones active because "he hasn't violated our rules," and promising, "We’re going to hold Jones to the same standard we hold to every account."

"Regarding free speech and censorship, it is my experience that platforms give Alex WAY more leeway than any normal user for his repeat violations," Kelly tells us, and references a time when Jones claimed he was "one strike away" from being banned on YouTube. She says it was shortly after that statement when she got YouTube to take down a video where she claimed Alex "endangered me and the kids by broadcasting our address," but claims it had zero consequence on his channel.

YouTube has since changed their tune, but Jones' ex worries that a failure to act on Twitter's part could be extremely damaging in the long run. She also suggested that the press he's been receiving over the bans is only making him stronger, and that "Alex uses the censorship cries to drive donations and viewers to his highly monetized proprietary platform."

She claims his newly launched app has already amassed over 50,000 downloads, and believes the recent controversy helped boost engagement.

Kelly also thinks it's ironic that Jones is taking the money he's raking in from being a "censorship martyr" and using it to "mercilessly litigate against my free speech."

She's hoping Twitter joins the ranks as some of the other tech giants who have silenced her ex-husbands rants, and prays her lawsuit will eventually "unplug InfoWars."

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