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Al Sharpton Pleads for Peace Surrounding Nipsey Hussle’s Legacy

Al Sharpton is hoping that Nipsey Hussle‘s death can be peacefully observed by fans and not resorting to acts of violence.

Rev. Sharpton was in NYC when he was asked about Nipsey’s murder. He says the hip-hop star was “everything we wanted,” as both an artist and community leader.

Sharpton, like many others, praised Nipsey for being a positive force in the community, and said to see him killed is “heartbreaking.”

As for honoring his work, Sharpton is asking that the public mourn peacefully, and not let his memory serve as a catalyst for other “random acts of violence.”

The LAPD has said much of the same, and said they will continue to provide assistance around the vigil set up outside of Nipsey’s clothing store.