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Adam22 Claims YouTube Is Targeting Large-Breasted Women for Demonetization

By TheBlast Staff

YouTube personality Adam22 is very upset with the video-sharing juggernaut for allegedly disabling the monetization on his videos and he says it's all because his videos feature large-chested women.

Adam Grandmaison, who produces the show "No Jumper," is ripping a decision YouTube made to demonetize an interview he conducted with a female artist, and claims that the woman had a "pretty good amount of cleavage showing so youtube is saying that it's not advertiser friendly. i can't believe we seriously put our content on this platform."

The Blast spoke with Adam who claims this has been a recurring issue for him, telling us, "I’ve put out a few interviews in the past week that have gotten demonetized pretty much immediately in which the only factor that separates them from my average interview is that the women being interviewed have large breasts with cleavage showing."

Adam says his interview with multimedia artist Zaira Santana – AKA Distorted – was denied monetization – and he believes it was over her ample assets. "She’s not a sex worker or a porn star, she’s a painter and a graphic designer. She happens to be pretty well endowed ... but there’s nothing remotely sexual about the video," Adam explained.

No Jumper

Adam says he is one of many content creators who have found themselves in similarly frustrating situations since YouTube began cracking down and demonetizing content it deems not suitable for advertisers. We're told demonetzing a video also drives down the views from users because Adam believes a demonetized video gets knocked out of YouTube's coveted recommended slots.

Adam's girlfriend, popular personality Lena The Plug, also says many of her YouTube videos have been demonetized, even ones that are not of a sexual nature.

The Blast reached out to YouTube for comment and will update as necessary.

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