Aaron Carter Puts On Emotional Performance Amid Drug Concerns

Aaron Carter spilled his heart out on a jewelry showroom floor not long before he decided to go to rehab.

Carter was a far cry from the erratic, suicidal person friends and family have recently shown concern over in recent weeks.

The singer, who obviously looks like he has been going through a rough time, was in his element several weeks ago when he put on an impromptu piano performance at Gold & Diamond Source, a jewelry store in Clearwater, Florida.

Jewelry store owner Julie Weintraub tells The Blast that Carter came by the store a couple of weeks ago looking at watches. Weintraub asked about Carter’s piano tattoo and Carter happily offered to play a couple songs on the store’s grand piano.

It is emotional — you can see in the video that employees and fans of Carter’s are blown away by his talent. When you watch this video, the first reaction is … let’s pull for the star to pull through.

We’re told Carter gladly posed for photos and left with several nice pieces of jewelry.