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Investigators Probe Camera Surveillance Installers for A$AP Rocky Home Robbery

By TheBlast Staff

The LAPD is now investigating if a camera surveillance installation team may be responsible for the A$AP Rocky home invasion robbery.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, detectives interviewed A$AP's sister, who was home at the time of the robbery. She claims that she thought the men who broke into the house "looked similar from their eyes" to two men who installed camera equipment two days earlier.

During an interview with cops, his sister said they were at the residence for two weeks and completed their work two days before the robbery.

Another reason she believed the installers could be the culprits is the fact that the suspects seemed to know where the surveillance equipment was and removed it before they left, leaving only cables behind.

The suspects are described in the police report as "three male Hispanics wearing dark clothing, ski masks, and gloves."

The docs outline the harrowing details of how the robbery went down. According to police, the assailants "grabbed her from behind and punched her on her face and stomach ... The suspect pushed her to the ground and put a hard object to the back of her head ... [The victim] believed the object was a gun."

The suspects grabbed Rocky's safe and dragged it out in a blanket and rolled it down the stairs. The men allowed the sister to leave in a car service, but told her to tell the driver she was taking a long time because she had to use the restroom. The driver and Rocky's sister waited in the car down the street and tried to get a license plate from the robbers as they left in a grey van.

The LAPD interviewed two individuals who installed the camera equipment, who claimed they were NOT there during the robbery. But LAPD gathered evidence from a nearby cellphone tower to see if they were in the area at the time in question.

The robbery remains under investigation.

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