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'Friends' is coming BACK with a twist

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By Enoch K

Get excited everyone! FRIENDS IS COMING BACK

1. What We Know So Far

Unsplash | Berkay Gumustekin

The hit TV show is coming back with something for the fans. It seems as if everyone is doing a reboot, so it is possible the cast felt the need to do the same. It will not be the same as what is being done now.

2. Possibly a Movie?

Gettyimages | ANGELA WEISS

A movie would be the perfect thing for fans who would love to show what happened next with the cast.

There's no time like the present. Fans have held on to their own beliefs on how the characters would be in the future.

A movie would follow in the steps of Sex in the City, which spawned a sequel. One movie could lead to another!

3. Future Releases?

Getty Images | Vogue

Now that the idea of a reboot is a huge possibility, there are a lot of positive things that could come out this.

It could lead to one movie and then a short TV show like Veronica Mars. The cast seem to be close enough that they won't mind working together again for another short season.

Maybe an origins story too. At this point, we are willing to take anything. Reruns on Netflix are not enough more.

All we can do is hope at this point.

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