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Wendy Williams Calls Out Ex-Husband For Banning Tyrese From Her Talk Show

Gettyimages | Johnny Nunez
By Mike Walters

Wendy Williams just exploded on her ex-husband during her talk show today and it was for a very, very good reason.

During Wendy's segment about beauty products, she decided to let the audience in on a backstage conversation with Tyrese.

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Say What?!!

Tyrese, who was a guest on today's show where he was promoting his new movie 'Black and Blue.'

The actor told Wendy, at some point, that the reason he had not been back to the show in over 3 years is her ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

Wendy Spills The Tea...

So, in true Wendy Williams fashion, she spilled the tea on the whole situation to her audience.

"He (Tyrese) hasn't been here in 3 or 4 years," she told the crowd.

She continued by explaining Tyrese said to her, "your husband banned me cause he thought I was flirting with you."

How Dare He...


Wendy was pissed. She even leaned into the camera and blasted out, "are you serious Kevin... are you serious??"

Everyone is was stunned, and Wendy proclaimed things are now going to change, "new rules, new day!" And just when it seemed to be moving on to the beauty products, she said, "get out of here with that!"

Baby Bump

The best part of the exchange came at the very end when Wendy decided to address Kevin directly and throw some shade of her own...

"Who are you flirting with? she said.

She then made a hand gesture like she had a baby bump.

Kevin Is Out!


Williams is, of course, referencing one of the reasons she divorced Kevin Hunter after she learned he fathered a child out of wedlock.

Wendy filed for divorce from Kevin, and he was removed from his position on her television show.

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