Chris Brown heads to the Nice Guy restaurant for Kendall Jenner apos s quot 818 Tequila quot launch party

Chris Brown Reacts To Video Of Abuse Of Haitian Immigrants

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By Kay on September 22, 2021 at 12:45 AM EDT

Chris Brown is reacting to the shocking video of Haitian immigrants being rounded up like cattle. The musician is using his platform to call attention to the atrocities currently taking place. “This is why your country’s s***, because you use your women for this!” wrote Brown, clearly disturbed by the videos and images released.

The image that set Brown off was of a Border Patrol officer mounted on a horse and reaching down to grab at and essentially attack people below him. “I hope everyone is seeing what is happening with the people of Haiti at the border!!!!!!” wrote the “Look At Me Now” singer.

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The Lowdown

Chris Brown

In case you missed it, a video and images of horrible abuse taking place to the people of Haiti were released this week. It features immigrants at the U.S. boarder being rounded up by patrol men on horses.

They carry whips and they were certainly using them. The hard to watch video was not only shocking, but vile. The scene took place in Texas, and it already has people talking. In addition, to Brown speaking out, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki released a statement on Monday.

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‘What Context Make That Appropriate’

Chris Brown heads to the Nice Guy restaurant for Kendall Jenner apos s quot 818 Tequila quot launch party

“I’ve seen some of the footage,” she admits. “I don’t have the full context. I can’t imagine what context would make that appropriate, but I don’t have additional details, and certainly, I don’t have additional context.” Again. Psaki stated that the footage was not okay. “I don’t think anyone seeing that footage would think it was acceptable or appropriate.”

There are about 13,000 Haitian immigrants cohabitating at a makeshift camp that connects Del Rio to Mexico's Ciudad Acuña on the US-Mexico border. So, this was what? The U.S. attempt to clear them out?

Social media users, like Brown, did not stay silent on the horrific situation, and their comments were brutal.

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‘Slavery Times’

Chris Brown at the PrettyLittleThing Madhouse Presented By Teyana Taylor

Did anyone else get “slave vibes” asked one follower when they saw the video and took a closer look at the photos? Some followers of the BBC Instagram page agreed The photographer of the photos also shared his thoughts.

Paul Ratje calls the response by Border Patrol “difficult”. He described one scene. “Some of the migrants started running to try to get around the horsemen, and one of the agents grabbed the Haitian in the picture by the shirt and he ended up swinging him around while the horse trotted in a circle.”

Not only was he disturbed, but he is also joined by many now speaking out about the viral moment.

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Chris' Last Words

Chris Brown Investigation3

Brown had more to say before he signed off for the time being. “All the f***ing billionaires in that state alone should be trying to help,” he wrote noting that it would be so easy if a few billionaires got together to offer some money.

This idea has been thrown around in the past by other artists like Wyclef Jean. As disturbed as he was, the singer encouraged anyone who can help to change what is happening. “We have no peaceful strategies. Hurding us up like cattle farmers…” he pointed out

“Please take a f***ing look at what’s going on!!” he begged before ending his rant.

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