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Safaree Samuels Is Sick Of 'Deadbeat Dad' Narrative, Lashes Out At Erica Mena

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By Kay on August 31, 2021 at 3:20 PM EDT

Safaree Samuels is officially sick of the “deadbeat dad” accusations. The father of two is currently battling it out with his estranged wife Erica Mena but felt compelled to tell people to stop questioning his role as a daddy. “I don’t need or want sympathy from anybody but before you wonder about how my relationship with my kids just knows that they are on their way to a great childhood.” The hopeful rapper’s relationship and struggles with parenting have been playing out on the latest season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. He and Mena are struggling to navigate a healthy relationship and that has spiraled into some toxic behaviors like… hateful tweets.

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It’s Just ‘TV S**t’

Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena

The rant continued with Samuels insisting that everything fans see on TV is just that; on ‘TV s**t’. He accused fans of the show of not having any “common sense” because of how easily manipulated they seemed to be. Samuels went on to make it extremely clear, “I’m sick of this fake-ass narrative like I’m a deadbeat.”  The reality star claimed that just because he doesn’t show himself engaging with his kids doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. “My kids live in a mansion and that’s because of me! I’m with them all the time!” The rapper felt compelled to defend himself because Mena has been shady tweeting the life out of him indicating that not only is he a bad husband but an absentee daddy.

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‘Real Man’

Erica Mena

The mom of Samuels’s kids was on social media all weekend sharing how happy she is without her soon-to-be ex-husband around. She revealed a picture of their son who looks to finally be home from the NICU.  The mom who posted a picture and worried caption about her son just a few weeks ago was clearly excited to have him home now. She indicated in the caption that she finally has “a real man in my bed”. She also posted that she has started a new practice in life where she sets reminders on her phone throughout the day that prompt her to that remember that “he cheated” and she had to get “toxic crazy” therefore, can “never going backward”.

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‘Should Have Never Gotten Married’

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The reality TV couple's marriage started to crumble shortly after their lavish nuptials in 2019. Since then, they have had two children Safire Majesty, and newborn son Legend. Mena has detailed her traumatic second pregnancy on LHH: ATL and decided on divorcing her husband while they were filming. Samuels has allegedly been partying in the United States and Jamaica while Mena claims to be at home worried sick about their son and struggling to juggle two kids under 3 and a teenage son from a previous relationship.

Safaree Doesn’t Know When To Stop

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While Mena is over here accusing her baby daddy of stressing her out the rapper is tweeting more hateful things about his wife. “Who on this earth can live with some1 who’s 6 months pregnant and not know..dumb a****!” claimed Samuels referencing his wife revealing her pregnancy after 6 months of allegedly not knowing she was pregnant. Still mad about the deadbeat dad comment, he added for the final time. “I do more than a lot of y’all women baby daddies who go months and weeks without seeing or doing anything for they kids!! Dumb a****!”

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The ever-comical rapper ended by indicating that he was actually spending time with his kids right now “Ima go back to watching cloud babies.” Samuels has suggested that along with his struggling marriage, his relationship with theLove & Hip Hop franchise may be over sooner rather than later because of the stereotype they are perpetuating. Maybe this is the last straw for the Jamaican-born rapper, it’s doubtful, but it wouldn’t be a total shock.

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