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Madison Beer SLAMS Record Label For Doing 'Literally Nothing' To Support Her

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By MLC on August 4, 2021 at 1:57 PM EDT

Madison Beer has a bone to pick with her record label.

The singer is experiencing a TON of success after releasing her latest single, “Reckless.” The video, which dropped on June 29, has garnered over 11 million views on YouTube.

Madison has steadily rose to fame and continues to do so; however, she feels her record label could be doing more to shoot her career into the stratosphere!

The social media influencer took to Twitter on Monday, August 2, to air some grievances.

In since deleted tweets, Madison tweeted, “I h8 my l**** so much.”

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Many critics have compared her to Ariana Grande and claim she stole Ari’s signature ponytail ‘do.

Despite forging ahead and blocking out the haters, Madison feels her record label isn’t keeping up their end of the bargain.

A fan replied to her first tweet writing, “trust me baby we do too.”

She responded to the fan, “They do literally NOTHING to support me or promote me or ANYTHING.”

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Madison has been signed and worked with multiple labels throughout her career, so, it’s unclear which label she is referring to.

She is currently signed to Epic Records and has worked with Island Records, AWAL and First Access Entertainment in the past.

In addition to feeling ZERO support from her label, Madison also revealed she basically had to foot the bill for her “Reckless” music video, because her label didn’t see or support her vision.

“I even had to f***ing basically fund the entire reckless video myself cuz they didn’t believe in it at all I’m over this s***,” she expressed.

Madison co-directed the music video with Amber Park.

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She revealed the news on the video’s release date in an Instagram post. Madison shared a carousel of stills from the music video and capitoned it, “thank you dearly to everyone who helped bring this video and this wild idea of mine to life… @amberpark i truly could never have done this without you & to the rest of the amazing crew who worked 3 very long days & then 4 very long weeks… thank you, from the bottom of my heart. ?”

Madison went on to thank her fans for their continued support despite her label’s lack thereof.

It was announced on August 2 “Reckless” reached 50 million streams on Spotify which is her fastest song to do so.

In response she tweeted, “n nobody but my fans are the reason for this <3 your support means everything in the world n more.”

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