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Safaree Samuels Still Partying, Claims Erica Mena Damaged Over $30,000 Worth Of Stuff

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By Kay on July 15, 2021 at 2:31 PM EDT
Updated on July 15, 2021 at 2:35 PM EDT

Things have been bad for a while now between Safaree Samuelsand Erica Mena. The couple is currently throwing shots at one another on Instagram due to some shady things that allegedly took place in their marriage. Samuels is now sharing that Mena has been more deceptive than she has led on. The new dad has filed legal documents claiming that his soon-to-be ex-wife damaged over $30,000 worth of stuff namely his shoe collection and three motorbikes. The father of two claims this happened pretty recently which some find hard to believe because Mena just had a baby.

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$30,000 Worth? Damn!

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Erica Mena / Instagram

However, the incident, according to Samuels in the legal documents took place on May 23 while Mena was eight months pregnant. A few sleuth-y social media fan pages pointed out that this was a short two days after the couple filed the paperwork for their divorce. The document gets pretty specific saying that Mena poured bleach on $30,000 worth of shoes and even took the time to cut the laces on some of them. In addition, the up-and-coming reggae artist also claimed that the mother of his two children poured paint all over three motorbikes and really threw salt in the wound by pouring paint in the exhaust pipes as well.

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Smile, Your On Candid Camera

Samuels said these are not just claims, the home security cameras allegedly caught Mena in the act. The paperwork also asked the judge to hold Mena in “contempt of court” for “violating an order barring them from harassing each other during their divorce.” The reality star is also asking the judge to order Mena to pay him back $50,000 for the damage she intentionally caused. He didn’t stop there, the Love & Hip Hopstar is allegedly considering filing felony charges for criminal destruction. Damn sounds like he is trying to throw the whole book at the mother of his children.

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The Whole Marriage Is Rocky

The couple has been going back and forth trying to stick it to one another basically since they tied the knot. Unfortunately, they are still sharing a home together since filing for divorce but it seems like Mena is hinting for Samuels to pack his stuff and leave. The rapper recently alleged that Mena changed the locks and the security code for their marital home. Sadly. for the mom of three, Samuels is not the only person she is locked in drama with.

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Erica Has Other Drama Too

The reality star was also accused earlier this week of using a fake Instagram account to troll her ex-girlfriend Cyn Santana. The accusations seem undeniable because that same account is now the official account for Mena’s newborn son. When asked about the rumors having a good chance of being true, Santana said, “I really just want no parts of anything that is weird [or] anything that is dark. I want to focus on the success of this new single ‘Come.’” She truly seemed unbothered even admitting that she used to have a “lurking page” as well and can see how her ex could get caught snooping. “I wish her well. I didn’t even know I was thought still today, I don’t know.”

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