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Austin McBroom Puts Multi-Million Dollar Mansion Up For Sale Amid Foreclosure Drama

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By MLC on July 12, 2021 at 6:06 PM EDT

Things are not looking good for the ACE Family!

Amid reports the family is going through a potential foreclosure on their $7 million home, it appears the mega-mansion has been listed on multiple housing sites.

Austin McBroom, the patriarch of the ACE Family, has reportedly listed the family’s home on both Trulia and Zillow.

As previously mentioned, the house is worth about $7 million; however, the home is listed for $10 million on the housing sites.

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News of the house listing comes one week after screenshots surfaced online showing the ACE Family allegedly defaulting on their mortgage.

Gossip blog, Def Noodles, posted screenshots of their home’s listing on Trulia and Zillow. The Zillow listing says it is for sale by owner.

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Austin has been under fire since the Social Gloves boxing event took place in June.

Some participants of the event have claimed that Austin has not paid them. Lawsuits have been brought against him and his wife, Catherine Paiz.

He is reportedly part owner of, Ace Hat Corporation, and its subsidiary, Social Gloves Entertainment, which put on the ‘Battle of the Platforms’ boxing event.

In addition to reportedly failing to pay influencers from the boxing event, old reports of Austin and Catherine failing to pay rent on time have surfaced as well.

On July 5, Def Noodles tweeted out, “Ace Family allegedly facing eviction on their home after allegedly failing to make mortgage and tax payments, according to documents posted on several internet forums.”

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Then on July 7, the YouTuber took to his Instagram stories to tell people to stop ‘capping’ on him and his family.

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He wrote, “Stop 🧢ing on me and my family’s name. Ain’t nobody getting evicted ain’t nobody moving. Stop believing everything you see the harters say on the internet. If we were moving we definitely would of informed the world and made a YouTube video about it. Have a good rest of your day 🙏🏽.”

Paparazzi caught Austin out and about on Monday, July 12 and tried to ask him about not paying the fighters, but he avoided answering any questions by out-talking the paparazzi.

Def Noodles obtained footage from The Daily Stardust and wrote, “Austin McBroom runs away from paparazzi as they ask him about allegedly not paying the fighters of the ‘YouTube vs TikTok’ boxing event. Ace Family has been facing many allegations of financial trouble in the past weeks.”

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As of Monday, July 12, neither Austin nor Catherine have spoken out about the house listings.

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