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Olivia Rodrigo Slammed By Courtney Love And Other Musicians For Plagiarism

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By MLC on June 28, 2021 at 9:44 PM EDT

Good for past musicians inspiring Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour” aesthetic and music, but bad for her that these musicians are not humbled or honored to have her copying them.

'90's Punk rocker, Courtney Love, has spoken out for her distaste of Rodrigo copying the Hole’s 1994 album cover for “Live Through This.”

Rodrigo recently announced her “Sour Prom” concert film airing on June 29, and in the promo photos the singer is wearing a bright pink dress, a rhinestone crown and mascara running down her face.

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The similarities are uncanny!

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Love posted the photo to her Instagram and captioned it, “Spot the difference #twinning @oliviarodrigo.”

Rodrigo replied to Love in her comments section writing, “Love this and live through this sooo much.”

While this seemed like a cordial nod from Love to Rodrigo, things escalated negatively on her official Facebook page.

She wrote, “Stealing an original idea and not asking permission is rude. There’s no way to be elegant about it.”

After claiming it was rude of Rodrigo to copy her idea, Love continued, “I’m not angry. It's happened my whole career so I (don't care)," Love wrote. "But manners is manners!"

She also commented that she awaits "her flowers" and a note from Rodrigo.

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"I sure hope it's long. Does Disney teach kids reading and writing ? God knows. Let's see,” the singer wrote on Facebook.

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"It's Rude!"

Olivia Rodrigo with mascara running down her face
Olivia Rodrigo / Instagram

Rodrigo is a former Disney Channel star having appeared on “Bizardvark,” and most recently “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.”

This isn’t the first wave of backlash Rodrigo has received for similarities on her “Sour” album and promotional photos.

Last week users on TikTok and Twitter drew comparisons between Rodrigo’s artwork and video for her No 1 single “Good 4 U” and the aesthetic used by US indie-rock band Pom Pom Squad. Both Rodrigo and the band’s frontwoman Mia Berrin are pictured wearing cheerleader outfits with long latex gloves, among other similarities.

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Olivia Rodrigo in a cheerleading outfit
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One fan defended Rodrigo on Twitter writing, “Olivia in the 2nd pic was inspired by princess diaries! As for the 1st picture, it is an old picture and it's not part of sour album concept.”

Others pointed out that the concept of cheerleaders has been around for years and the idea isn’t exclusive to one person.

Another fan commented, “I thought I sensed a coincidence but you keep adding more. Liv is undoubtedly talented but I dont think her creative team is. Anddd thats not cool.”

Rodrigo has not yet responded to the copyright and plagiarism claims.

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