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Prince Charles & Kate Middleton Won't Attend The Unveiling Of Princess Diana's Statue

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By TheBlast Staff on June 28, 2021 at 10:56 PM EDT

The unveiling of the statue dedicated to Princess Diana has for months now been a long-awaited royal event. Maybe for some of the wrong reasons if we're being honest. Although the event to commemorate Diana's 60th birthday has been in the works for years, way before Harry left the royals, due to recent events, the ceremony has come under heavy scrutiny. Particularly regarding who will or won't be on the guest list! As it turns out, it seems that plenty of very senior royal members won't be there!

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No Charles & Camilla On Hand

Day one of Royal Ascot 2021

This first absence was kind of expected. It's well known that the marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana did not end on the best terms. Now that Charles' former mistress is his current wife the two being present at the ceremony would probably not go well with the public.

Recently a Royal source told Page Six, that the absence of Charles in the ceremony was meant to avoid "old wounds" from resurfacing. The next absentee though may come as a surprise to many people!

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Kate Middleton Also Absent

William and Kate go land yachting in St Andrews

The deal between Prince Harry and Prince William may have been no wives at the event. The decision of not inviting Kate to the ceremony may have been reached in an effort to avoid more drama build-up. Her presence combined with Meghan Markle's absence would've probably made a few headlines. According to Royal sources, it was important to William to ensure that the Sussex drama did not overshadow the event. They mentioned,

“William is determined that the Sussex drama does not overshadow this important moment of remembrance to his much-missed mother and is keeping that as his focus.”

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You Can Also Blame COVID For Some Of The Absences

Wimbledon Tennis Championships - Day 1

The U.K.'s COVID situation is not ideal by any means. This has led the government to continue limiting the number of people that can be present at different events. That may be hard to believe when we are seeing full ballparks across America at this point.

Originally the unveiling of the statue at Kengsington Palace was going to draw in a crowd of about 100 people. That number is set to considerably drop for the actual event. We'll have to wait and see who eventually turns up on July 1st!

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Prince Harry Back On Royal Duties?

The Funeral of HRH Prince Philip The Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Harry has been in the UK for a couple of days at this point. He's finding ways to keep himself busy. He recently attended an event for the "Diana Award". An award scheme of course set up to honor his late mother. He told recipients that his mother would surely be proud of their achievements.

One person whom Harry has reportedly not taken time to catch up with his brother William. Harry has had lunch with the Queen at this point. However, reports indicate that he has not strolled over to apartment 1-A at Kengsington Palace to see William. If there is real animosity between the brothers this is surely something that will be palpable at the upcoming ceremony!


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