La La & Carmelo Anthony Call It Quits, She Files for Divorce

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By MLC on June 17, 2021 at 9:13 PM EDT
Updated on March 12, 2024 at 9:58 AM EDT

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La La & Carmelo Anthony are throwing in the towel on their 11-year marriage.

TMZ reports La La filed divorce documents on Thursday, June 17, in New York.

Their marriage has seen many trials and tribulations. They’ve weathered a separation and reconciliation, but unfortunately the couple just couldn’t make it work.

But that doesn’t mean the split is all bad.

In fact, sources close to the situation say they’ve been separated for a while, but still remain amicable for their son’s sake.

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Throughout their 11-year marriage, the NBA star has been accused of cheating on multiple occasions.

The couple first split in 2017 after cheating rumors surfaced. At the time, Carmelo was accused of allegedly impregnating another woman and La La was none too pleased.

The woman who made the claims reportedly worked at a gentleman’s club in NYC.

Then in 2019, more cheating speculation surfaced after Carmelo was reportedly spotted on a yacht with another woman in France.

He called the claims completely false!

Carmelo told TMZ Sports that the “other woman” was actually on the boat with her husband and family; however, no one else appeared to be on the boat at the time the paparazzi photos were captured.

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He said the cheating rumors and speculation were affecting his family.

"The only reason I'm addressing this is because this is affecting my family now and you got me out here looking crazy. Usually I won't address this, but I had to address this,” Carmelo said.

During this time La La called their relationship “strained” and it remained on shaky ground.

The family of three quarantined together in 2020, but prior to the divorce filing they were separated.

They did this to ensure a smooth and easy transition for their teenage son, Kiyan.

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Hollywood Unlocked exclusively reports a woman close to Carmelo allegedly got pregnant by the NBA star.She claims he is the father of her newborn twins, and tells the outlet she even has receipts to back her claims up.The woman who remains anonymous explained to ‘HU’ that she met Carmelo in New York last year. After several attempts to get her to hang out with him, she eventually agreed.She claims they talked almost every day and eventually hung out, which allegedly led to them hooking up.

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The anonymous woman knew he wasn’t single, and said he would FaceTime her from his bed which he shared with his wife.

She claims to have found out she was pregnant in September and by April she gave birth to premature twins.

As of now these are all alleged claims with no confirmation of them being true or false.

The truth is, La La and Carmelo are getting a divorce and they seem to be doing it in the most amicable of ways.

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