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Selma Blair close up amid leaves

Selma Blair Arches Back To Reveal Numb Leg

By Rebecca Cukier

Selma Blair is bare-legged in stilettos and arching her back while breaking hearts. The 48-year-old "Cruel Intentions" actress, who has bravely documented her multiple sclerosis diagnosis since 2018, today reflected on the degenerative neurological disease in a post that was moving beyond belief, but also very eye-catching. Selma, followed by 2.4 million and fresh from showing off her killer swimsuit body, today touched on a period three years ago, one that saw her seemingly discover her symptoms. See it below.

Not Your Average Instagram Post

Selma Blair in swimsuit with cane

Scroll for the photos. They come as Selma continues to make headlines for showing off her shiny cane, one she isn't always seen with, but it happy to tote with pride. The "Legally Blonde" face, posting throwbacks from a glamorous and red vixen photoshoot, had been photographed indoors amid crested gold pillars and warm lighting, showing a mean body.

Selma, wearing a sleeveless red evening dress with a velvet waist detail, was seen seated, standing, and arching her back amid red floors.

See The Photos Below!


Pensive moments captured in the snapshots came with pensive thoughts from the mom of one. "3 years ago. My dearest pals came to watch Siriano show. I walked that day. In the show. Noticing for first time, my leg was numb," Blair began, adding:

"When I first stepped out. I couldn’t feel the ground or how to lift it. My brain was trying to compute."

The heart-breaking reveal came with mentions of the photos being Selma's "favorite frames" as she, oddly, she closed by praising the photographers and the show. A heart of gold.

Scroll For Her Fighter Undies


The woman who is battling M.S. wrote: "It hardly dampened my day though" as she appreciated the "incredible space in NYC," but the fans are feeling the pain. Topping comments is a reply reading:

"You are incredible and such a gorgeous human being inside and out."

Selma, last year revealing she was in "remission," has openly spoken of her condition on Instagram, one the star battles as she raises 9-year-old son Arthur, a little boy who just today enjoyed a pool splash as his mother posed in a wet swimsuit.

Supporting Other Causes

Selma Blair in undies

Selma might well be understood for only supporting M.S. causes, but that's not the case. The star regularly reaches out to other worthy organizations, last year making headlines for stripping down to pink undies to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Meanwhile, today's post seemed to touch other sufferers, with one quickly responding: "Thank you for sharing this. It means so much to someone like me recently diagnosed with MS ❤️."

Scroll for Selma out-witting the paparazzi in her Daisy Dukes, because that what Selma does.

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