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'DWTS' Judge Carrie Ann Inaba Accused of Causing Car Accident With Severe Injuries

By Liz Walters

"Dancing with the Stars" judge Carrie Ann Inaba is accused of causing a serious car accident in Los Angeles back in December of 2019, and she allegedly caused severe injuries from the collision.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Jessie Zimbro has accused the 'DWTS' judge of causing pain and mental suffering from the severe injuries obtained from the car accident she allegedly caused. Zimbro is also accusing Inaba of being negligent, and that he has suffered wage loss, loss of use of his car, medical expenses, and the loss of earning capacity.


Zimbro is asking for a jury trial to determine general and compensatory damages against the 'DWTS' judge. In Zimbro's complaint against Inaba, he says "Defendant's negligence was a direct, proximate and legal cause of the injuries sustained by Plaintiff."

Prior to the serious collision, Carrie Ann Inaba was allegedly driving in a "negligent, careless and unreasonable manner", and, in doing so, Jessie Zimbro believes she violated California Vehicle Codes, including but not limited to the basic speed law.


Zimbro is asking for damages against Inaba in an amount that exceeds $25,000 which includes property damage and personal injuries. Specific injuries were not mentioned in the complaint but a claim that exceeds $25,000 means the 'DWTS' judge could pay! Hopefully Inaba has good car insurance.

Carrie Ann Inaba will have to face a judge of her own and fight the allegations against her. We broke the stories, actress Mindy Kaling and Arnold Schwarzenegger were recently sued over car accidents that caused serious injuries. Both lawsuits are still pending in Los Angeles courts. Inaba joins a long list of celebrities that have been accused of causing car accidents.


Inaba took to her Instagram a few months ago and said she tested positive for COVID 19. In her post she says, "Hey Everyone, I have tested positive for COVID 19. I’m home with some symptoms and will be sequestering as per the CDC guidelines, resting and taking care of myself. I have been in a very safe environment following all the guidelines and safety protocols and it still found it’s way to me. So, this is a friendly reminder to be extra careful this holiday season. Wear your masks, socially and physically keep your distance, and wash your hands. Take care everyone. And I’ll keep you updated on my journey."

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