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Salma Hayek close up

Salma Hayek Hides Bra With Red Lips

By Rebecca Cukier

Salma Hayek's red lips landed like a whip today, all while the actress was seemingly hiding whether or not she was wearing a bra. The 54-year-old Hollywood superstar, currently gearing up for three 2021 releases, honored #ThrowbackThursday today with a jaw-dropping double snap showing her famous curves, with those 17.4 million followers Instagram likely very glad they hit follow. Salma, fresh from defending her marriage to billionaire François-Henri Pinault, is now back to showing off her good looks. Check it out below.

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Scroll for the photo. It comes as Hayek makes 2021 headlines for a massive string if bikini snaps, ones that were followed by the "Frida" star's recent "Armchair Expert" podcast appearance as she slammed suggestions she married a man worth an estimated $44 billion for the money.

Looking a million dollars, Salma updated today in all black with red lips that got mentioned in the hashtag. All curves and in a tight, plunging black dress with a possible no-bra scenario, the actress send out femininity and sheer beauty.

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Salma Hayek snacking in swimsuit

Salma, who'd gone collage with her shot, appeared twice in one photo, each showing the Mexican looking dead at the camera in her LBD, a cute pendant necklace, plus side bangs that haven't been seen on her in a while.

"#tbt #redlips," the actress wrote for a total 100,000 likes in under 45 minutes – nothing new for the star who gained 100,000 followers overnight last year with her bubble bath treasure hunt. "Wear red more often. I'm begging you," one fan replied.

See Her Dripping-Wet Bikini!

Salma Hayek red lips throwback

Salma is fresh from a Valentine's Day kiss with a man seeming to cause a lot of controversy right now. When podcast host Dax Shepherd mentioned a "rich" husband this month, Salma was right on it, saying:

“When I married him, everybody said, ‘It’s an arranged marriage, she’s marrying him for the money’, adding: “I’m like, ‘Yeah, whatever b*tch, think what you want’. Fifteen years together and we are strong in love and I don’t even get offended.”

See her soaking-wet bikini below!

Lucky Guy

Salma Hayek in ocean bikini

Salma and Pinault married in 2009. The couple shares rarely-seen and 13-year-old daughter Valentina, a girl who recently popped up on her mother's Instagram with a windy beach shot, one seeing Hayek joke about motherhood as she examined Valentina's back and got fans guessing what she was doing.

Writing in both English and Spanish, Hayek wrote: "Guess what I’m doing? ........... what every mother learns to do sooner or latter Adivinen que estoy haciendo? ................. lo que toda madre aprende a hacer tarde o temprano."

Scroll for Salma partying braless like it's 1999"

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