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By Kay Lewis on June 16, 2021 at 1:23 PM EDT

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Wandavision's Elizabeth Olsen is not the first of the Olsen family to become insanely famous. In fact, some might say her sisters, twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen had a level of fame that not everyone is capable of reaching. The somewhat reclusive twins spent a majority of their childhood playing one character: Michelle Tanner on Full House. This sparked a frenzy that parlayed into movies, books, other TV shows and TV movies. The twins even had music and a fashion line. They were basically millionaires before they were teenagers. Now the sisters stay out of the spotlight but still manage to leave their mark in the fashion world.

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Their Iconic Styles


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The Olsen twins are credited for starting the “boho” style. After their move to New York City to attend college, the girls adapted to the change of weather from sunny Los Angeles by wearing massive coats and knitwear. However, boho was not the only style the girls have made popular, they tried their hands at goth, minimalism, and of course, high glam. Regardless of the occasion, one thing was for sure, the Olsen twins understood the assignment. Their iconic looks don’t stop with fabrics, they have also had a few hairstyles that went viral before going viral was a thing.

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Hair Is just As Important


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The twins have made their hair a canvas. Experimenting with bold hairstyles became just as important as planning their outfits. They have tried everything from milkmaid braids to brushed out, intentionally puffy curls. The girls are not afraid to match their daring outfits with an even more eye-catching hairstyle. However, their tried-and-true go-to is a beautiful beachy wave. The girls have both experimented with this style and the messy look gives off a chic bedhead feel. The fast and easy process to create the look could be why the sisters prefer it. And now, you can too. 

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Here's How


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InStyle beauty editor Victoria Moorhouse is so in love with this look she recreated it and showed followers the how-to in a YouTube video. The editor recommends that anyone wanting to get good results for this style should invest in a wand because it makes the curls look more flexible and FYI “curling irons are a little bit difficult to use”. However, before getting to that step make sure to brush out and section your hair to make it easier to curl.

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Just A few More Simple Steps


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The main tip to remember when doing this style is to curl the hair in small sections and in opposite directions, “it creates this cool undone pattern,” says Moorhouse. Mark Townsend, the Olsen twins' hairstylist, agrees, sharing with Elle UK that the girls are wash and go clients because of this style. “It's as little maintenance as possible with cuts and colour. They never want to look like they've been too done up.” 

Moorhouse shared another pro tip with viewers: “never curl the ends” this is apparently what gives the style that “bed-head” look. Finally, once you’ve finished curled all the sections of your hair to your liking, start separating! Here’s why…

Finish Off That Look


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Adding a little bit of mess defines those ways and keeps that “undone” look alive. For the final step, add some product. “product is so important with this look,” emphasized Moorhouse who recommends dry shampoo on your roots if your hair tends to fall flat throughout the day like hers religiously does. 

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She goes the further step of using a “texture spray to break up the curls even more” just like that and you are ready to go. However, if you are not completely happy with the look you can always go back in and add more curls, dry shampoo, or texture spray to your perfection. Other celebrities who have mastered this hairstyle include Ciara, Rihanna, and Emily Ratajkowski who recently sported her version of mom life beach waves while enjoying her “dream birthday vacation”.

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