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By TheBlast Staff on June 15, 2021 at 10:51 PM EDT

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Back in late March, Jeannie Mai and Jeezy finally became a married couple, after tying the knot in Jeezy's hometown of Atlanta. It wasn't a very large wedding, but plenty of friends and family members were in attendance to witness the couple's beautiful wedding and huge milestone in their lives. Prior to the announcement that Jeezy and Jeannie had gotten married, there was speculation about when the wedding was, after the public found out that they applied for their marriage license.

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Jeannie Opens Up About Marriage Life With Jeezy


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In a new interview withEntertainment Tonight, Jeannie detailed how marriage life with Jeezy is much more different than dating. Obviously, she meant this in the most exciting form.

"Oh my god. Married life feels 1,000 percent different than when we were dating, in the greatest way. I loved our dating life because we really spent such concentrated quality time getting to know each other and making sure that we were right for each other. And now being married, it's even more handled with such delicacy and such thoughtfulness, because we're in our 40s and we both grew up in households that weren't healthy marriages. We have never seen what that looks like."

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Jeannie Says That Communication Is Key


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Jeannie went on to explain how in her marriage with Jeezy, the two put. a huge emphasis on trust, love, and communication. This includes when the two feel the emotions in things in the simple things, such as cuddling and other forms of romance.

"We want to feel trusted. We want to feel loved. We want to feel safe. We want to feel cuddles. We want to feel the romance. We want to feel dating, want to be hot and heavy with sex. Like, you want all those things. Human beings want those same things. Why can't you communicate exactly what that should look like in order to customize the relationship you have and work towards it?"

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Jeezy And Jeezy Faced Pregnancy Rumors In Late 2019


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Prior to getting married this spring, Jeezy and Jeannie were rumored to have taken another huge step in their relationship at the end of 2019. This was in December of that year, where rumors surfaced regarding the two expecting a child together. A rep for Jeannie ended up denying that report to That came after reports that Jeannie's team was supposedly shooting photos of Jeannie from different angles, in order to hide pregnancy looks from the public. 

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Jeezy Released New Album Last Fall


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In November, Jeezy also delivered his 12th studio album, "The Recession 2." This served as the sequel to the album that was put out back in 2008, which was regarded as a classic Jeezy project. The Recession 2 was led by the single, "Therapy For My Soul." Appearances included Yo Gotti, Demi Lovato, Rick Ross, and more. Jeannie Mai was also included in the music video for the song, "Almighty Black Dollar." That record featured Rick Ross. The album went on to debut at number 19 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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