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By Rima Pundir on June 15, 2021 at 7:58 AM EDT

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Most stars live the cliched life of the rich and the famous, in sprawling mansions located in big cities like LA, because their home is where Hollywood is. 

Of course, there are more international stars, like Salma Hayek, who also lives in a sprawling mansion albeit in London, not that it's any less of a busy city. 

But then there are those celebrities who prefer to call small towns their homes, for reasons usually related to family, privacy, and quality of life.

Here go five such huge Hollywood stars, that prefer to live in small towns...

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Julia Roberts Raises Kids In Peace


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Born in Smyrna, Georgia, Julia Roberts, the "Pretty Woman" with the thousand-watt smile has homes all over the world. However, what she calls home is a sprawling ranch in Taos, New Mexico, where she raises her three children with her cinematographer husband, Danny Moder. 

According to an interview with Oprah, this is where Roberts feels most at home and is most comfortable with herself. 

One of the reasons why Roberts decided that this is home because she admits, "I am a terrible celebrity", and prefers the peace and quiet her ranch brings with it.

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Where Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively Nest...


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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively may look like the ultimate jet-setting Hollywood couple, he with the "Deadpool" and now Marvel CInematic Universe, and she with the many, many movies, including "A Simple Favor", where she plays the baddie. 

While the details about their house are still under wraps as they take great pains to do so, it is located in a small town outside of Bedford, a Westchester suburb. 

But it is said to be an 8,000-feet property, which certainly makes it sprawling, by any standards... 

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Meryl Streep Prefers Some Quiet


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Nominated for an incredible 20 Academy Awards, Meryl Streep is an actor extraordinaire. 

And when she is not smiting fans with her talent, she likes to live in Salisbury, Connecticut and has done so for years. 

Does she like the stunning views, the simple main street with a single general store, or just the peace and solitude of a small town? Who knows?

But the other residents are well aware of their beautiful, talented neighbor who is as gracious as they come...

Cheers to that!

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Elijah Wood Went Rustic Too


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While Elijah Wood was a fairly popular child actor, it's his "Lord of the Rings" role that brought him into the adult spotlight. 

And now, after earning a cartload of money and becoming a face that everyone recognizes, Woods has moved to Austin, Texas, and has been seen riding his scooter all over town. 

The home was later listed for sale in 2020, which could mean that Woods is looking to move to a bigger city for good. 

But the other celebrities are more than happy to have paid for their slice of peace...

Talking about simple, here's Ana de Armas with a simple beauty routine... 

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