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'1000-LB Sisters' Star Amy Slaton Celebrates Baby Shower With Toga Party Maternity Shoot!

By Mike Walters

Amy Slaton and her husband celebrated the upcoming birth of their baby boy like most other people, with a baby shower and a TOGA PARTY!

'1000-LB Sisters' star Amy Slaton-Halterman just shared awesome photos on Instagram from her baby shower, and it included a 'maternity shoot' where the couple rolled around on the ground, kissing, in Toga outfits! Now, that's a party!

The reality star couple is expecting a baby boy, Gage, any day now and decided to celebrate with family, including her sister and co-star Tammy Slaton.

See The Awesome Photos!

See The Awesome Toga Party Maternity Pictures!


"Baby shower 2020," Amy captioned a few of the amazing photos!

In the shots, it appears the Slaton's invited a few family members and friends to enjoy a baby shower for the upcoming birth of baby Gage. Inside the party, the Slaton's had a huge sign with the baby's name on it, and a custom cake with his name emblazoned on the top.

Tammy Slaton posed for pictures with a tiny onesie that read, "My Aunt Tammy Loves Me.'

Fans of the show flooded Amy's Instagram with messages of support, saying, "I can’t wait to see pictures of your beautiful baby boy!!! 💙💙💙."

Another added, "Congrats Amy 😊💙 so happy for you and your husband," and "Amy ya'll make such an adorable couple. Can't wait to see your beautiful, sweet little baby 👍🏻💖."

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'My Aunt Tammy Loves Me!'


Interestingly, there is some debate amongst reality show fans about exactly WHEN Amy's due date is -- after many believed she was due on January 7th.

The reality star has never confirmed the exact due date, but her baby registry seems to point towards the January date. Obviously, the math doesn't line up, after Amy announced she was seven months pregnant in one of the more recent episodes.

As do many celebrities, Amy may have been just throwing everyone off so she could keep the real due date a secret, but either way, we should get a glimpse of baby Gage in the next few weeks!

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Inside '1000-LB Sisters' Star Amy Slaton's Baby Shower!


The baby shower comes on the heels of Amy's sister making national headlines after coming out as pansexual.

In a new clip of an upcoming episode, Tammy opens up to her boyfriend of two years, Jerry Sykes, saying, "I would date anybody, whether they're transgender, straight, gay." Adding, ""It means love is love."

Tammy explained, "I always thought I was bisexual, and then I started talking to one of my friends and she told me she was pansexual, and I asked her kind of what it meant."

She continued, "It means you love everybody, not just the same sex. And I was like, 'Well, I guess I am too," because I wouldn't mind being with someone who's transgender, or whatever."

Toga Party Pictures!

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