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By The Blast Staff on June 1, 2021 at 9:32 AM EDT

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With her cute freckles and Missouri charm, Ellie Kemper comes across as your typical girl next door. But her wholesome image has come under serious scrutiny this week as some shocking pictures emerge... 

It turns out that the star of "The Office" has long been receiving praise for her considerable beauty and grace. Back in 1999, aged only 19, she was even crowned the queen at a fancy debutante ball!

 Unfortunately, the event she won has some negative connotations.  Read on to see what they are!

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Humble beginnings 


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As the star of shows like "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," Ellie Kemper is no doubt used to the glamorous life. But before she was a big name on TV, Ellie enjoyed a much less flashy upbringing in Kansas City, Missouri. 

It was here that the fiery redhead showed off her good looks and grace in pageants and balls, including the controversial 1999  Veiled Prophet Ball held in St Louis. Scroll down to see a photo of 19-year-old Ellie! 

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Pageant princess


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Ellie Kemper has been trending all around the world after it was revealed that the stunning star is a former beauty queen. 

The "Queen of Beauty and Love" was a coveted title at the Veiled Prophet Ball, with young girls flocking from all over the state to try their hand at winning the crown. A prediction of bright things ahead, the "Bridesmaids" star received the honor at the tender age of 19.

 So, why is such a glam title receiving so much backlash? Read on to find out! 

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Problematic past


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It seems like the Veiled Prophet Ball, now known by the (much less creepy) name Fair St Louis, has some troubling affiliations. 

Apparently, the seemingly innocent debutante ball was founded by the super-wealthy back in 1878 with the aim to “emphasize the existing power structure.” The Queen of Beauty and Love was chosen by this group of mega-rich elites at the annual ball. 

 The group did not allow black people to join until 1979, and, although not directly the KKK, seems to have had similar ideas about race...

What does Ellie think about all this? Scroll to find out. 

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Queen mom


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Unfortunately, Ellie herself has not yet addressed the now globally circulating news about her past. In all likeliness, the former "queen" is probably too busy focusing on being a mom to her two young sons. 

Hopefully, Ellie will soon share her thoughts on the pageant and its negative connotations. As one fan commented on Instagram: "Cut her some slack... she was a teenager!"

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