'Jackass' Star Steve-O Breaks His Silence On Bam Margera Movie Feud

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By Mike Walters on May 24, 2021 at 3:43 PM EDT


Comedian Steve-O is breaking his silence on the bitter feud between co-star Bam Margera and the producers of 'Jackass' the movie.

Earlier today, Margera posted a video on Instagram updating fans on his current situation -- claiming he is in Florida getting help from a rehabilitation specialist who has worked with members of AC/DC and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith.

In the video, he says Johnny Knoxville and producer Jeff Tramaine have treated him horribly and "betrayed, abandoned and rejected him." As you know, Bam claims he was dropped from the latest movie after violating his contract by not staying sober.

Steve-O responded on IG reminding Bam it is his own fault.

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"Bam— the two people you’re saying wronged you (Knoxville and Tremaine) are the same two people who organized the intervention which saved my life," Steve-O began.

He continued, "Everyone bent over backward to get you in the movie, and all you had to do was not get loaded. You’ve continued to get loaded, it’s that simple. We all love you every bit as much as we all say we do, but nobody who really loves you can enable or encourage you to stay sick."

As we reported, Bam claims the producers included strict terms in his contract which included a 90-day rehab stint and staying off alcohol and Adderall.

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Unfortunately, Bam claims he came out of the rehab stint on 18 different medications the rehab doctors put him on -- and it led him to suicidal thoughts.

Plus, he claims the movie contract ordered him to stay off on two medications (including Adderall) that his own doctors prescribed. In the end, he says he was booted for the latest 'Jackass' movie and a bitter feud erupted over his ousting from the film.

It should be noted, Bam claims he is normally paid upwards of $5 million for his role in the 'Jackass' movies. Margera says he will now take legal action.

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