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By Gary Trock on May 16, 2021 at 5:00 PM EDT

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Former child star Rick Schroder will not be purchasing his Silver Spoons in bulk at Costco anymore after having it out with an employee over the store's mask mandate. Schroder shared the video of his aggressive encounter with a Costco employee over the weekend at one of the membership-based superstore's locations near Los Angeles.

While there has been a national relaxing of wearing masks around the United States, which is also backed by the CDC, California still has a mandatory mask-on policy until June 15th.

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The video of Ricky Schroder and the Costco employee has gone viral with over 2 million views on Twitter.

"Didn’t you see the news? You didn’t see the news,” Schroder can be heard telling the employee on video, who identified himself as a supervisor.

The actor continued, “Nationwide, Costco has said you don’t need to wear masks."

The employee, named Jason, kept his cool during the encounter, explained that in California and Los Angeles County there have been no changes to the mask mandate.

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In response to the refusal of entry into Costco sans mask, Rick Schroder turned the camera on himself and demanded that everyone give up their memberships and demand refunds.

"I’m getting my refund. I’m getting my refund from Costco. I suggest everybody in California get their refund from Costco. Give up your membership to Costco until they remove this," the TV star declared.

Schroder doubled down on the stance, later taking to social media and stating, "Boycott Costco till they act like a Free American Company," while claiming the current protocol is more akin to Russia.

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Rick Schroder / Instagram

Although many online consider the video of Rick Schroder and the Costco employee to be borderline harassment, the actors' social media comments have been lighting up with support and praise for taking a stand against what many consider to be unreasonable restrictions.

"I haven't been to Costco in years! Then again, I moved out of CA years ago. More like pushed out because the cost of rent. Good job Rick for standing your ground in a respectful way!" one supportive fan commented on Instagram.

"Not renewing my membership unless they straighten up!!" another fan vowed.

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The mania for masks was reignited this week when the CDC and President Joe Biden came out and declared that fully vaccinated people will no longer be required to wear masks in public.

"If you're fully vaccinated and can take your mask off, you've earned the right to do something that Americans are known for all around the world: greeting others with a smile," Biden said during an address this week.

Many states around the country have dropped their mask requirement completely, while others, like California, are still requiring a mask in many public or crowded places.

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