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By The Blast Staff on May 16, 2021 at 5:36 PM EDT

Bryce Hall | YouTube

YouTuber Bryce Hall recently took to Twitter announcing that he would be pressing charges on San Diego State University.

"I guess im pressing charges on a sdsu frat hahahahah run me that moneyyyyyy," Hall said on Twitter.

The claim comes after TikTokers, Tayler Holder, Mikey Tua, and Ryland Storms, along with Hall attended a "frat party" at SDSU where the TikToker's Uber driver was allegedly "assaulted" and "vandalized" by fans.

"They invited us to their party like little fangirls, and we showed up, and then they tried to troll us, by taking our hats, and then cornering us against our Uber and vandalizing the vehicle," Hall said in an Instagram video.


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Bryce Hall | Instagram

"All my haters say they wanna punch me in the face when they see me in person yet i haven’t encountered someone that does it. Here’s my tweet giving you permission," Hall said on Twitter.

In a recent Youtube video, posted on May 13th, Hall explained how he has ran out of hats as a joke in relation to the fact that a now-viral video shows someone stealing Hall's hat at the same party SDSU party, and then mocking the TikToker.


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@omgjazen | Twitter

Twitter user, @omgjazen, who was at the party Twetted May 14 that, "bryce Hall really bitched tf out and reported me and sae to sdsu. They sent a couple of us a suspension letter, its cool tho, we are appealing it. Just goes to show how bitch made and fragile these social media fools are IRL. They aren't about the confronting. 69 shit @BryceHall."

In an unconfirmed letter sent to @omgjazen, outlined that the individual would be suspended from SDSU for three months starting 5/21.

@omgjazen also alleged in a TikTok post that he wasn’t the only individual who got this email regarding that night.

In retaliation the SDSU student took to Twitter saying:

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Bryce Hall | instagram

It seems like the SDSU student might have also had a past encounter with Hall...

According to a Twitter post from April 9th of 2021, @omgjazen posted the following:

Bryce Hall is threatening me LOL. @BryceHall bro you really thought the world wouldn't see you get knocked down twice??
@KEEMSTAR@AustinMcbroom. Yall retweet this and tag keemstar and austin so that he sees this.

This would insinuate that the Twitter user had past "beef" with Hall.

So the real question is how valid is Jazen's story and did he have a motive to harass Hall?

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