'Bachelor' Colton Underwood Wants A Conservative Gay Family, Reveals Blackmail?

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By TheBlast Staff on May 14, 2021 at 11:13 PM EDT

Instagram @Colton Underwood

Most will recognize Colton Underwood from the 14th season of “The Bachelorette” alongside his former girlfriend Cassie Randolph. The 29-year-old fitness buff and Covid-19 survivor has become a controversial figure to say the least.

Besides the fact that he had a restraining order placed upon him after his girlfriend Randolph reported him for stalking and inappropriate behavior, Colton has expressed some of the most bizarre preferences in his life.

That is to say, he is going to appear on 23rd season of ‘The Bachelor’ as a gay man.

Scroll down to learn that he wasn't exactly a "virgin" while on The Bachelorette!

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Instagram @Colton Underwood

The fascinating revelation about his sexual preferences include an unexpected desire to start a gay, conservative family. He went on to say he wants to have children, and has hope that the show will help him fulfil this dream.

What has many readers stunned to learn is that he has had physical relations with men prior to appearing on “The Bachelorette” but still considered himself a virgin.

He said this time he wants a serious commitment with another man, not a one night stand.

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'I Did Experiment With Men'


Instagram @Colton Underwood

E! Magazine shared a quote from him saying the following:

“I’ll say this. I was ‘the virgin bachelor’ but I did experiment with men prior to being on The Bachelorette.” – Colton

Variety quoted the buff bachelor for saying that he wants the “whole 9 yards” when he envisions his family.

"I do want to be in love. I still want the white picket fence," Underwood, 29, told Variety. "The whole definition of traditional lifestyle that I thought growing up conservative meant, I can still have."

Scroll down to find out that he always felt that he was gay!

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'I Was Gay'


Instagram @Colton Underwood

During another interview Colton gave more details about his sexuality, why he was still a virgin on the show, and why he decided to come forward as gay.

“I could never give anybody a good enough answer about why I was a virgin,” he later said. “The truth is I was ‘the virgin Bachelor’ because I was gay, and I didn’t know how to handle that.”

The news was not only headline worthy (as it circulated on virtually every news platform) but also caused a stir on his social media. 

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'I'll Just Say it... Blackmailed'


Giphy | The Bachelor

When asked about why he decided to go public about being gay, he claims he was blackmailed. Specifically, that nude pictures of himself would be leaked on the internet if he didn’t go public about it.

“I’ll just say it,” he said. “I, at one point, during my rock bottom and spiral, was getting blackmailed. Nobody knows I was blackmailed.”

These recent revelations about Colton (including the details about his criminal activities) have caused many long-time fans of the romance shows to question whether he should even be featured on the show. 

Scroll down to see what Cassie thinks about her former boyfriend being gay!

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