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By Rima Pundir on May 17, 2021 at 7:37 AM EDT

Instagram | Marvel Studios

In the Avengers franchise, the one man who literally remains holier-than-thou all through is Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, who is portrayed by Chris Evans. 

We had hardly stopped crying over Iron Man's death when Captain America also decided to grow old (albeit handsomely) and pass on his shield. 

The kind of plot twists and crazy fan theories that exist in and around the Marvel Cinematic Universe could drive a perfectly sane person loony. So here go the changing faces of Captain America, in the gnarliest place to be in, the MCU...

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Clean Shaven Gentleman Cap


Instagram | Marvel Studios

It's official. Captain America is the First Avenger, and though he was frozen in ice for a long time, he's still the same old gentleman at heart. The journey of Steve Rogers begins as a weakling who is rejected from the army repeatedly till his persistence and eagerness to serve cause the PTB let him into a secret experimental super-soldier program. 

We see the beginnings of Rogers as a weak and sickly human, but once he is injected with the super-soldier serum, the man gets ripped, much like Chris Evans truly is.

But why does his look change? Scroll for more... 

Meanwhile, who wants to see all the uniforms of Cap?

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Captain America Is All Caught Up


Instagram | Marvel Studios

As time progresses, and the Avengers movie franchise grew, Captain America's look began to change as well, and not just in the uniform.

The change in his look also signifies his growing disillusionment with the government and the orders given which is why there is a switch we see. Captain America, who is always shown to be the clean-shaven crew-cut perfect soldier, is now more of a long-haired and bearded rebel. 

Instead of following orders, Rogers now follows his heart. This is one reason why he pulls a disappearing stunt in "Avengers: Endgame," returning as an old man later. 

And yes, we all ugly cried. But there is a difference between the Marvel comics and the MCU storyline...

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In The Comics, Bucky Barnes Is The Cap


Instagram | Marvel Studios

One of Steve Rogers' oldest friends is fellow soldier Bucky Barnes, played by Sebastian Stan. Initially believed to be dead, he was soon recognized as the Hydra assassin The Winter Soldier, brainwashed into following orders for the enemy.

In the Marvel comics, when Captain dies, it's Bucky Barnes that takes over. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, things are a tad more complicated. 

In "Endgame," Cap gives his shield to Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackie, the Falcon who promises to do his best. 

But there is a new Captain in town and his name is John Walker, as in Wyatt Russell...

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Presenting: The New Cap


Instagram | Marvel Studios

In the movies, or rather in MCU, it is the Falcon who takes over the mantle of Captain America, and fans of "The Falcon & The Winter Soldier" would know the storyline best, convoluted as it is. 

The new Captain is not a good guy and has nothing on the old Cap, and even if Wilson and Barnes have to go against everyone to uphold his good name, they will. And probably, do. 

But it's clear, despite the franchise showing that the PTB are against Sam Wilson being the new Cap because he is black, it is Wilson who gets the shield. 

So wait a minute, who will be the new Falcon then?

Here's a teaser of "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" and after, read why Mickey Rourke is not a Marvel fan. 

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