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Tanner and Jade Tolbert

The Juiciest Bachelor Secrets: Here's What Happens Behind The Scenes

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By Carol Cassada

"The Bachelor" is one of reality television's most popular programs. Since it's debut in March 2002, it's become ABC's most popular show and created several spinoffs including: "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise." Throughout its 25 seasons, the show has made contestants famous and has successfully matched a few couples along the way. Tanner and Jade Tolbert from "Bachelor in Paradise" are just one of the many couples to find love on the show.

Currently, the show's spinoff "The Bachelorette" is in its 17th season with the premiere episode airing this past Monday. However, viewers will notice one big change. Chris Harrison stepped down from his hosting duties after being caught up in controversy. Harrison received backlash after defending a former "Bachelor" contestant accused of racism. With Harrison gone, former "Bachelorette" contestants Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams have filled in his role.

With all television programs, "The Bachelor" is prone to controversy. There's plenty of stuff behind the scenes that viewers don't know about. So take a look at some of these "Bachelor" secrets.

Producers Are Behind What's Said In Limo Entrances

Lauren Luyendyk The Bachelor

During the premiere episodes, viewers are introduced to contestants who'll be competing for the affections of a bachelor or bachelorette. The contestants arrive to the mansion in a limo. Throughout the car ride, fans get to know a little more about the contestant.

What viewers may not know is that the producers have a say in what's said during the limo entrances. According to Harrison, he and the producers work with the contestants to come up with a unique introduction for them. "They get to L.A., we start talking to them about their hobbies. Do you ride horses? Do you fly planes? Is there something funny that you would like to talk about? Because you can't just have 30 people getting out going, 'Hi, my name's Lauren.' We try to mix it up," Harrison explained.

Chris Harrison Plans All The Dates 


One of the important aspects of "The Bachelor" is the dates. The handsome fellow gets to spend some quality time with a lady or ladies during the day. When one thinks of dates, they tend to imagine a romantic dinner, dancing, or massage.

While those are featured, the show goes a more creative route in producing the dates. In the past, viewers have seen a couple compete in a tractor race, visit a Costco store, and participate in a demolition derby. These dates are definitely entertaining, and fans have Chris Harrison to thank for that. Harrison takes his responsibility strongly and considers the bachelor's hobbies when planning the dates. "I do all of the logistics, all of the planning. We talk to them. Peter, pilot. It's a big part of his life and so obviously that's going to blend into the show seamlessly, as much as we can," Harrison revealed.

Producers Purposely Cast Villains

The Bachelor Olivia Caridi
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No reality competition show would be complete without a villain. There's always that one contestant creating drama in the rest of the house. Whether they're smack-talking the other housemates or hogging time with the bachelor or bachelorette, these are contestants fans love to hate. 

Villains had an excitement level to the series as viewers hope they'll get their comeuppance. It's no accident that these bad girls and boys ended up on the show. Producers are always looking for villains to cast on the series. "We need our fair share of villains every season. And now we're very careful in our develop characters that the audience is going to root for and root against," creator and executive producer Mike Fleiss revealed.

Season 17 Of The Bachelorette Underway

The Bachelorette Katie Thurston
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There's a lot that goes on to produce the hit reality show dating competition. But as seen with the ratings, fans can't get enough of it. They're now having their fill with the current season of "The Bachelorette."

Katie Thurston is the next lucky lady who gets to have men woo her. The 30-year-old Washington native competed on season 25 of "The Bachelor." Although, she failed to win Matt James' heart, she now has another chance to find love for herself. From the current rumors circulating, it seems "The Bachelorette" has another successful pairing. Thurston is reportedly engaged to one of the contestants, but viewers will have to wait and see who the lucky fellow is.

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