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Billie Eilish just said, "i love girls".

Did Billie Eilish Just Queerbait Or Come Out?

Instagram | Billie Eilish
By Rima Pundir

So 19-year-old Billie Eilish just dropped some big news on social media, with a post of herself surrounded by gal pals, and the caption, "I love girls". 

Now, this is not the first time this has happened to Billie, and it's unlikely to be the last time as well because when you are young, beautiful, rich, and famous - people talk!

Of course, Eilish has given just cause right now, and the tongues are wagging, wondering if she just came out, or is there something else behind the girl love...

Here's the DL...

Is It A Lost Cause?

Fans want answers from Billie Eilish
Instagram | Billie Eilish

Eilish has just released the music video for her song "Lost Cause" which shows Eilish with lots of girlfriends, having a slumber party that progressively gets wilder. 

And her last social media post has been a carousel of stills from the video that went with a very ambiguous caption, "i love girls".

Fans and followers are understandably in a tizz, wondering why she said that and in what context did she mean it in...

Did she just come out? WATCH...

Did Eilish Just Come Out?

Did Billie Eilish come out?
Instagram | Billie Eilish

Most fans want to know just one thing: "IS THIS A COMING OUT?"

Now, this is the pride month, and if you notice, even the confetti in the video is rainbow-colored, so it's only normal for fans to assume that Eilish is stepping out of the closet

Eilish is very private about her personal life, and her ex-boyfriend came into the light only after her Apple TC documentary "The World's A Little Blurry". 

But now the BF is gone, and the song might be a celebration of the fact. Even so, what's with the girls and the sensuality?

Fans Hope It's Not Queerbait

Did Billie Eilish queerbait?
Instagram | Billie Eilish

If you have not heard of the term "queerbaiting", it's simply when a celebrity hints at an LGBTQ status, only to turn out straight later. 

And Eilish has done it before, with the "Wish You Were Gay" song, which she later clarified as "I feel like it's been a little bit misinterpreted. I tried so hard to not make it in any way offensive. The whole idea of the song is, it's kind of a joke. It's kind of like 'I'm an ass and you don't love me.' "

But fans are still waiting with bated breath with comments like, "if you say you straight after this ISTG 😭"

Eilish is keeping mum for now...

So Will Billie Elaborate?

Fans want answers from Billie Eilish
Instagram | Billie Eilish

Of course, if she will ever speak out is also not a given, considering Eilish is very reticent about what goes on in her private life. 

As one of her Instagram followers commented, "Queer baiting or coming out OR girlie appreciation taken the wrong way? We will never know."

Meanwhile, her fans continue to wonder and are commenting by the dozen to clarify her statement. 

But it could truly be a lost cause. As one comment read, "Happy pride month to the queer ladies that can’t be open about their orientation but desperately want to 💞"

Here's Billie, and then, read how Sophie Turner might be bisexual.

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