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'The Late Late Show With James Corden' Under Fire for Allegedly Mocking Asian Culture

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By Mario Perez

James Corden has been one of the few British comedians that have been able to translate their success in their island home, to hit it big in Hollywood. He rose to world fame with his sketch "Carpool Karaoke". That running bit where he gets in a car with celebs and literally sings was one of the reasons he landed a gig in late night in the first place.

He's certainly had his issues in the past. Like potentially kissing President Trump's former press secretary Sean Spicer. For the most part, his jokes have not gotten him into too much hot water ... until now.

The Issue Is With One Segment Not His Whole Show

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There's currently a petition online to have Corden cancel his "Spill Your Guts Segment". The segment is fairly straightforward. Corden typically has two guests on the show or even himself and one guest in front of what is supposed to be disgusting food.

The guests will ask each other uncomfortable questions that he and his staff have prepared for them. If one of the guests refuses to answer the question then they are forced to eat some of the food that's on the table. Many guests have passed through this dynamic including Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner, as well as chef Gordon Ramsey.

What's The Issue?

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There's currently a petition that has been "signed" at least digitally, by over 11,000 people at this point. The petition starts by criticizing the way that the segment portrays mainly Asian food. The people presenting the petition wrote on the description page for the petition,

"Many of the foods that he presents to his guests are actually from different Asian cultures. He's presented foods such as balut, century old eggs, and chicken feet, and which are often regularly eaten by Asian people."

The Segment Has A Negative Impact On Asian Food

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The petition goes on to talk about the number of people that watch James Corden every night. In their eyes, the impact that the segment has is being felt negatively by Asian Americans. Ultimately the petition ends with demands towards Corden. While also saying they are holding him responsible for the negative impact on Asian culture. The demands are as follows:

  1. Completely change the food presented on his show to something else, or remove the segment entirely

  2. A formal apology statement from James on his show, including steps he will be taking to do better in the future

  3. Funds donated to local Asian American organizations that are working to help Asian-owned restaurants and small businesses

Can The Petition Really Have An Impact On The Show?

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It's important to point out that no legal repercussions can come just from a petition on the internet. Even if millions of people sign it. There are two ways though that this petition could have a real impact. The organizers of the cause find a way to use the signatures they've obtained to file some sort of motion or lawsuit against James Corden and the producers of the show.

The other instance would be that the petition itself does enough PR damage that Corden scraps the section altogether. There has been no formal statement from Corden or the producers. He may address the issue on the show tonight though!

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