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Dre with Nicole Young in 2018.

Dr. Dre Officially A Single Man Amid Nasty Divorce Battle

Dr. Dre | Instagram
By Yuriy Andriyashchuk

Dr. Dre has had his hands full regarding his divorce with his estranged wife, Nicole Young. The two have been married for over 25 years, but have been going through a divorce battle since July of 2020, when Young revealed that she filed the necessary paperwork. Since then, Dre has had to make several payments to her, such as temporary spousal support. For the legendary hip-hop mogul though, there is some good news coming his way regarding his marital status, 

Dre Is Now Legally A Single Man

Dre with Nicole in 2017.
Dr. Dre | Instagram

According to TMZ, Dr. Dre is officially a single man now, as stated by a judge. This judge granted Dre's request to be labeled as one and now, he is free to shoot his shot with anyone at this point. Things are far from over though, as Dre and Nicole's prenup situation still has to be resolved. This would determine settlements regarding their properties as well. Nicole is said to want the prenup to be ruled invalid. On Dre's end, he denies that he wouldn't enforce the prenup.

Dre Dissed Nicole In New Song This Year

Dre in his LL Cool J 'Rock The Bells' jacket.
Dr. Dre | Instagram

Dre even went as far to dissing Nicole in a song back in February, after frustrations with the ongoing divorce. DJ Silk previewed a song that include Dre and KXNG Crooked. There, the Compton rapper called Nicole a "greedy b*tch" on the lyrics:

  "Trying to kill me with them lies and that perjury // I see you trying to f*** me while I'm in surgery // In ICU death bed on some money s*** // Greedy b*tch take a pic // Girl you know how money get."

Dre Denied Abusing Nicole

Dre posing for a photo.
Dr. Dre | Instagram

Back in April, Dre also denied Nicole's claims that she was abused by him. He believes that she is making these claims simply to get the benefits included in a prenup. Dre filed documents to claim that these allegations are false and that the situation is inflicting stress upon him. Dre also believes that this is all simply a money-grab situation for Nicole. He labels her claims as "appalling" and "false." Some of Nicole's claims were that she was abused before their marriage, and even right before their wedding.

Dre Battled A Brain Aneurysm In January 

Dre with Kanye West In The Studio
Dr. Dre | Instagram

Back at the top of the year, Dre had a huge health scare as well. He suffered a brain aneurysm, which caused him to be transferred to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dre stayed there for almost two weeks, and was then allowed back home, but with a healthcare professional with him to make sure that there were no more issues. The cause of the aneurysm was also unknown. Dre applauded the workers at Cedar-Sinai for the excellent work that they put in to help him, though.

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