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Bruce Springsteen with leather jacket

Bruce Springsteen's Most Unexpected Cameos

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By Jacob Highley

For those who aren’t familiar with this music legend, Bruce Springsteen is one of the most successful music artists of all time. Rightfully nicknamed “The Boss”, the now 71-year-old artist defined American rock in the 20th century.

His third album, “Born to Run” was an album of necessity. After the record label he worked with threatened to drop him if sales didn’t improve (since his first two albums didn’t perform well) Bruce switched to a rock-styled sound that fans recognize today.


Bruce Springsteen on stage
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What is truly remarkable about Springsteen’s career is that he hasn’t appeared in media as much as other artists. In fact, only recently has his music received movie recognition to a degree with films like “Blinded By The Light.” 

That being said, Bruce’s notoriety as a handsome man, excellent performer and original creator hasn’t gone unnoticed. His music videos are perfect examples of his creativity and persistence as an artist.

This is exactly why he has actually had some rare cameos in films that you may not know about!

'High Fidelity'


The movie “High Fidelity” (2000) is considered a classic with John Cusack as the main starring actor. During a moment of vulnerability and introspection for Cusack, Bruce appears playing the guitar in a cameo scene. He interacts with John commenting on Cusack’s desires.

The scene is wonderfully done, especially since Bruce is seen playing the guitar with a giant speaker system.

After Bruce gives the movie star some pertinent advice, Cusack salutes him saying, “Thanks Boss.”

But wait, there’s more cameos where that came from!


Bruce Springsteen performing
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Bruce had his first official acting role in the Netflix series “Lillyhammer” where he played a mortuary owner. The role was certainly brief and unimportant to the primary plotline of the show as a hole, but hey, it’s Bruce!

The director, Steven Van Zandt, is a long-time friend and bandmember of Bruce’s “E Street Band.” 
Steven shared that he was honored to have directed Bruce in the show, and greatly appreciated the trust he had in him to make the role work.

But the latest production related to Bruce’s career is said to be the more “standoutish” even compared to his cameos!

'Blinded By The LIght'

blinded by the light poster
Instagram @blinded by the light

You guessed it, the movie “Blinded By The Light” is arguably the most famous movie production to feature Bruce’s music and career. Ironically, however, Bruce himself doesn’t appear in the film!

Despite the fact that Bruce himself wasn’t in the movie, the director Gurinder Chadha revealed that Bruce and his wife actually loved the idea of a movie based on his music!

“They liked the idea,” she says. “We tried to make the music work for our story rather than exploit it.  Picking the songs was quite a forensic task. I only used the ones which captured the character’s journey. I set out to make a movie with integrity, that would live up to that legacy — not only Bruce’s music but what he stands for, what he represents. I had to stop seeing him as a rock star, but someone who wrote these songs for my movie.”

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