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Irina Shayk taking a selfie with no makeup on

Irina Shayk Drops Her Simple Natural Skincare Routine

Instagram | Irina Shayk
By Kay Lewis

Irina Shayk may look like she has effortless skin, but the truth is the mom of one has just mastered the best skincare routine and products for her. Shayk, who has been the face of Burberry, Marc Jacobs Beauty, and Calvin Klein relies heavily on her skin always being at its best. The less the makeup artist has to spend fussing on cover up, the less time in the chair. The 35-year-old likes to share her skincare advice with her fans and did so already in a 2020 YouTube video where she revealed her secret for fresh skin.

In A Few Easy Steps, You Can Get Shayk’s Natural Look

Irina Shayk taking a selfie in a bikini
Instagram | Irina Shayk

The model, whose face has been splashed across billboards and TV screens appeared dressed down in a robe and did a start to finish routine in the almost 10-minute video. “It’s very important to find the perfect moisturizer,” she shares as she applies a generous amount of two different moisturizers. Shayk even shared a trick she uses when applying foundation, “I like to mix colors,” she confessed, as she mixed three shades of foundation. Noting that this step is mostly because she is currently tanned. One final tip she shared and still applies to the present day is “less is more” for her as you can see below. In her IG pics, she is always glowing and clearly not weighed down by makeup.

Shayk Keeps Her Products To A Minimum

Irina Shayk taking a selfie in a white robe
Instagram | Irina Shayk

In the video, you may have noticed that Shayk only used a handful of products. This complies with the model's less is more approach, “you should wear makeup. Makeup should not be wearing you,” and you don’t need a bunch of products to make it work. In Vogue magazine's April 2019 issue, she shared her beauty routine. “It's very simple. I wash my face twice a day, with water in the morning and face wash at night.,.” She also mixes up her products between serums and moisturizers depending on the weather. Plus, she always uses a powder sunscreen which she buys on Amazon!

Less Is More For Shayk

Irina Shayk taking a selfie with a new blunt bob haircut
Instagram | Irina Shayk

So, the Hercules actress wasn’t fibbing, less truly is more. She isn’t only an expert on skincare, the Russian-born beauty also knows a thing or two about clothing and accessories. Earlier this month, she launched a shoe collection with Tamara Mellon that aims to focus on “style and comfortability”. She helped design three shoes for several occasions: a sandal, a summer boot, and a sandal with a heel. However, it is unclear if those were the shoes she was sporting while spending time in France with Kanye West recently.

Her Rumored New Man Also Likes Fashion

Irina Shayk taking a selfie wearing a red lipstick
Instagram | Irina Shayk

The model has been linked to rapper West who also has ties to the fashion industry and has had personal interactions with Shayk in the past. She appeared in his Runaway video; she was also one of the models walking the runway at the father of four’s Paris fashion show a few years ago. The two seem to run in the same circle thanks to West’s interest in fashion and design. Who knows maybe fans will get a collab from the maybe couple in the near future?

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