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Oasis Frontman Noel Gallagher Calls Prince Harry A 'F---ing Woke Snowflake'

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By Mario Perez

The outspoken Oasis band member has certainly never been one to shy away from controversy. This time he got a chance to weigh in on the recent rift within the Royal Family. He took that chance and ran with it!

In a recent interview with The Sun, Gallagher mentioned that as a British musician part of his promos abroad involve him getting questions about The Royal Family. That could part of the reason why he has his own opinion already set up for when he gets asked about them!

Getting Asked About The Royals On His Australian Promo Tour

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How did we even get a musician talking about "The Royal Family". Gallagher mentions that in his recent "virtual tour" of Australia in which he did interviews via Zoom to promote ten years of his work with "High Fly Birds". There are 2 topics he can't shake. Oasis, and The Royals he mentions,

"I did a week here of Australian promo down the phone and Zoom and all that and they were like, ‘So Noel Gallagher, f***ing ten years of High Flying Birds! It’s been amazing! And f***ing Oasis!" while then adding, "But what we really want to know is, how much of a c*** is Prince Harry?"

Comparing The Royal Family With His Time In Oasis

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Gallagher literally compared the rift between The Royal Family with the one that he had with his brother Liam. Which, lead to Oasis splitting up ten years ago. On Prince William he mentioned,

"Prince William. I feel that f–king lad’s pain, He’s got a f–king younger brother shooting his f–king mouth off with s–t that is just so unnecessary. I’d like to think I was always the William. "

He continued and this is where he went off on Harry saying, "Prince Harry is coming across like a typical f–king woke snowflake, f–king a–hole,”

Of Course Meghan Did Not Escape Gallagher's Criticism

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Gallagher's main issue with Prince Harry is the fact that he has been, in his words, dissing the family. Noel mentioned that he felt there was no need for that. He also had a simple theory on how things got so bad so quickly. It mostly centered around Meghan Markle.

He simply mentioned on her and their marriage in particular, “This is what happens when you get involved with Americans. As simple as that.”

Most of you reading this are probably not going to agree with that last statement!

He Did Talk About Music

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After making the whole interview about trashing Prince Harry, Gallagher did take some time to talk about the current state of the music industry. He threw some hate in that direction as well. Criticizing the way that the music industry is run these days. Particularly the lack of creativity in songs. He also has a theory of why that's the case saying,

"They’re just chasing the streams and the numbers and if they can get kids who are gagging to be famous and who look good and have got fairly decent voices, they’ve got in-house songwriters who can write it."

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