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Troian Bellisario & husband Patrick J. Adams

‘PLL’ Star Troian Bellisario Reveals She Gave Birth In A Car

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Childbirth is already a pretty insane concept in and of itself, but when you add in the element of giving birth in a car, that’s just unheard of.

You mainly hear about these worst-case scenarios on TV, in movies or in a viral video that’s popular for like a week.

But for “Pretty Little Liars” star Troian Bellisario, a freaky worst-case scenario became her reality.

Troian recently welcomed her second child at the beginning of June.

The ‘PLL’ star married Patrick J. Adams in December 2016, and the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Aurora, in 2019.

Patrick J. Adams with daughter Aurora
Troian Bellisario / Instagram

Troian and Patrick recently expanded their family of three to four by welcoming their second child, another daughter, named Elliot.

While it wasn’t her first rodeo with pregnancy, this was far from a normal pregnancy and delivery.

During a recent appearance on Katie Lowe’s podcast, “Katie’s Crib,” Troian and Patrick detailed their wild and unexpected experience.

The scares came early in Troian’s second pregnancy.

She detailed a trip to the doctor where she got an anatomy scan of her baby-to-be at 20 weeks. While everything went smoothly and according to plan with her first child, Troian revealed the doctors couldn’t find a heartbeat with their second child.


The doctor told Troian and Patrick, “I’m a little worried that in development of the fetus, the aorta and pulmonary artery from parallel tracks to cross-over. If it doesn’t cross over they’re parallel tracks and the blood never leaves the heart to go to the body or the heart to go to the lungs.”

Meaning blood would just stay in the heart and not nourish the rest of the fetus, essentially making it a non-functioning heart.

Fortunately, the doctors were able to find a heartbeat and the entire thing was a “false alarm.”

But the thrills didn’t stop there.

Troian Bellisario
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A few weeks before Troian was due to give birth, Patrick was away in Toronto for work. Given their first child arrived a week later than expected, the couple wasn’t worried this little bebé would arrive on its due date.

However, that all changed when Patrick arrived home and Troian, who had been experiencing false labor contractions, went into full-blown labor.

As they rushed to the hospital Troian grew more and more uncomfortable. Upon arriving at the hospital, she detailed screaming in the passenger seat and crapping her pants.

If you thought that was wild, you thought too soon!

Troian shared, "I scream, 'Get my pants off! Pull my pants down!'" And as soon as he did, Patrick saw their baby's head. And after a total of four minutes and a few pushes, Elliot was born.

Troian said she then turned her head around to see Patrick holding baby Elliot "upside down." "And she's wailing," Troian recalled, "so I'm like, 'She's alive, she's OK, she's breathing.'"

Thankfully Elliot is now a happy, healthy 10-day-old.

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