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R. Kelly Fires Two Of His Lawyers Months Before Trial

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By Mario Perez

The once famous now, infamous R&B singer R. Kelly is sitting in jail awaiting trial on numerous sexual assault cases. Things are not looking good for the "I Believe I Can Fly" singer. Today he officially informed the judge that two lawyers from his 4-person attorney team were fired by him.

There had already been speculation that Steve Greenberg and Michael Leonard the 2 attorneys that he officially fired today were going to file papers to be removed from the case anyway.

R. Kelly's Legal Team Was Fighting Amongst Themselves

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For the last few days, there had been rumors that these lawyers would leave the case. Steve Greenberg one of the lawyers being left of the case had hinted that other members of R.Kelly's legal team were dealing with mental health issues. Saying that they were not fit to cope with the pressure of the trial.

Greenberg ultimately told TMZ, “We refused to try a case with lawyers who don’t have the appropriate level of experience and skill because that is not in the client’s best interest,”

What Are R. Kelly's Options At This Point?


The judge ordered that the trial go on as scheduled. It was set to begin in Brooklyn on August 9th. Since the date for the trial has been continuously delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic the judge mentioned that she didn't want to set an even later date.

At the moment R. Kelly is set to continue the process with just his two remaining lawyers, Thomas Farinella and Nicole Becker on the case. These two remaining lawyers mentioned that R. Kelly had fired the other two before they officially asked to be left off the case.

The Battle Is Essentially Just Beginning

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Things are not looking great for R. Kelly at all. In the trial set to take place in Brooklyn, he'll be answering for charges of sex trafficking and racketeering. He allegedly ran a scheme to recruit underaged girls to ultimately have sexual intercourse with him.

Even if he manages to be cleared of those charges he is facing more sexual misconduct charges in Chicago and Minnesota that he'd have to deal with. At this point he's already sat in jail for 2 full years!

Money Trouble

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With the trial having dragged out this long one of the possibilities of why 2 of his lawyers are leaving the case is money trouble. At the peak of his powers, R. Kelly reportedly boasted a net worth of around 100 million dollars.

Although, some of the information on celebrity net worth sites can't be fully trusted many of them put R. Kelly 2 million in the hole even before the start of this trial. Even if that's currently not the case it could become an issue for the R&B singer sooner or later!

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