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Prince Charles' Engagment Gift To Late Princess Diana Will Go Up For Auction

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By Mario Perez

Although Prince Charles and Princess Diana's relationship certainly had a bitter ending, there were still some good days for the pair. Now, royals fans and fans of the princess are going to have an opportunity to own a piece of those good days.

Reeman Dansie Auctioneers have announced that Prince Charles' gift to his soon-to-be bride will be up for auction. The gift is not the sapphire engagement ring. That already has passed on to Kate Middleton when she got engaged to Prince William over 10 years ago. This gift is a bit more unique.

He Got Her A Car

Reeman Dansie Auctioneers

Her actual engagement gift was a 1981 Ford Escort Ghia Saloon. This was a car that Diana actually drove around for a while. Mainly from those early days when she recently got engaged up to when she joined the Royal household full time. When she then, of course, had people to drive her around all the time.

The car was sold to a private owner who said to be a great admirer of the Princess. So much so that she kept the original license plate on the car and had the car stored away for years.

How Much Would A Royal Fan Have To Spend On This Peice of Memorabilia?

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The car is basically in the same condition that Princess Diana left it back in 1982. When it comes to interiors and the iconic license plate that's great. When you think about having a car stored away for that long there's a chance that it doesn't run at all!

In any case, the auction house is expected to pick up around 40K to 55K in dollars for the vehicle. Another vehicle belonging to the Princess recently sold for around 81K. That car was an Audi convertible. So they are not expecting this Ford to rack up more than that. Although this vehicle may hold more Diana nostalgia for collectors, and that's worth for something.

Get Ready For More Princess Diana Items To Pop Up For Sale


As her 60th birthday approaches it would not be odd to find more and more items formerly belonging to Princess Diana up for sale. A lot has been made of the unveiling of a statue dedicated to her at her former home.

Mainly regarding the guestlist for the event. The statue was commissioned by Prince William and Prince Harry. Despite the things he's said about the family Harry plans to attend. Having Prince Charles with Camilla at the event could spark a bit of an uproar from the public for sure though.

Prince Harry Continues To Keep His Mother's Memory Alive

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Experts claim that Prince Harry always had the idea of naming a daughter of his Diana. He was been able to fulfill that personal wish recently with the birth of his daughter Lilibet Diana.

He's certainly also been the royal that references the late Princess the most. He's constantly mentioned the phrase "look what happened to my mum", in his recent interviews trashing the family. Prince William also recently talked about his mother. He expressed his disapproval of the way she was fooled into giving that infamous Panorama interview. William mentioned that incident was the final straw that broke his parents already frail relationship!

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