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Liam Payne Details Hitting ‘Rock Bottom’ Due To Drugs & Alcohol!

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Liam Payne is opening up about his ‘rock bottom’ while part of One Direction.

The singer, who rose to fame after auditioning for “The X Factor (UK)” and forming 1/5 of One Direction, recently got candid about his experience of growing up in the limelight and the damaging effects of fame at a young age.

May marked Mental Health Awareness month, but that doesn’t mean the importance of talking about mental health goes away after the month is over.

On a recent episode of “The Diary Of A CEO” podcast, Payne revealed what led him to a dark, dark place.


During the episode which dropped on Monday, Payne and show host, Steven Bartlett, dove into everything from their darkest moments to relationships to fame.

The show opened up with the guys chatting about quarantine and how life has shifted for Payne since the world went into lockdown.

The former One Direction singer said the Covid depression hit him late into quarantine, because he was crazy busy at the beginning of lockdown.

However, that crazy busy schedule didn’t last the entire year and he admits his work came to a complete halt, which was the worst thing for him.

During lockdown, Payne admitted to drinking A LOT more than usual and putting on a lot of weight.


“I put on so much weight. I was eating badly. I kind of describe it as a ‘bulking’ period,” he joked, but added quote, “I need routine.”

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Payne did disclose that he has been sober just over a month at the time of the podcast recording.

However, before sobriety, Payne fancied a cocktail of pills and alcohol, a look which he coined “pills and booze face.”

This combination of a fame, alcohol, and drugs brought him to ‘rock bottom.’

He described that he would have ‘a party for one’ while being locked in hotel rooms during his time with One Direction. This carried on throughout his life for years, and when looking back he says, “Jesus Christ that is a long time.”

Liam Payne with former fiancee Maya Henry
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The singer confessed he had “a few” rock bottoms and he worried how long it would be.

“Where’s rock bottom for me? No one would have ever seen it. I’m very good at hiding it. No one would have ever of seen it,” confessed Payne.

He goes on to say that if he hadn’t had or gotten help, he has no idea where the hell he would be.

In addition to opening up and discussing his struggles with alcohol, drugs and rock bottom, Payne did confirm he is newly single.

The Blast told you he and his fiancée, Maya Henry, recently called off their engagement of nearly one year.

The former couple grew close during quarantine with Payne popping the question in August 2020.

Despite all of the ups and downs of the past year, Payne said he is very happy with his life at the moment.

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